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tv   Today  NBC  January 9, 2013 7:00am-11:00am PST

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she'll tell us in an exclusive live interview "today," wednesday, january 89th, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc news, 9t. >> announcer: from nbc news, and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer. >> and good morning, i'm savannah guthrie. nearly one month after the newtown, connecticut, tragedy, the vice president is taking on gun violence today, meeting with victims groups and gun safety groups at the white house today. tomorrow he sits down with the nra. >> this is just one of the very big issues facing the white house as we approach president obama's second inauguration later this month. as we mentioned, we'll catch up with a guy who will likely have a big voice in republican pop tix over the next four years. he is new jersey's governor, chris christie. we'll talk to him live in a couple of minutes. also ahead, a warning about
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those metal water bottles. they're popular with children. it turns out there is a risk of kids getting their tongues trapped inside. very serious. can lead to a trip to the emergency room. so what, if anything, is being done about it? then a strange phenomenon off the coast of southern california. we're talking about massive squid. they are being spotted and caught in record numbers. we'll get a live report about that. but let us start on a wednesday morning in washington where the obama administration is getting ready to tackle a whole host of issues, beginning this morning with gun control. nbc's peter alexander is at the white house. peter, good morning. >> reporter: matt, good morning to you. barely a week into this new year and the president, as you know, is already juggling a handful of familiar challenges. they are the looming fights over guns, confirmation of his national security team, and as the nation's fast approaching, borrowing limits. with the white house's self imposed deadline for gun safety proposals at the end of this month, vice president biden's task force begins a series of meetings with victims'
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advocates, the entertainment industry and tomorrow gun rights groups, including for the first time since the newtown massacre, the nra. they told nbc news we are sending a representative to hear what they have to say. >> the nra says it will hear what the white house has to say, if you're here to listen to them, they're here to listen to you. >> the process is designed to get input. >> reporter: joining the effort, a woman who barely survived -- gabrielle giffords. on tuesday, exactly two years after she was severely wounded by a gunman, the former arizona representative and her husband, mark kelly, launched a campaign pushing for a crackdown on guns, to counter balance the nra, writing in an op ed that as gun owners and survivors of gun violence, we have a unique message for americans. also this week, the mother of christina taylor green, the tucson shooting's youngest victim, pleading for gun control. >> when will you find the courage to stand up to the gun lobby?
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whose child has to die next? meanwhile, more pushback over the president's selection of the independent minded chuck hagel as secretary of defense. >> on hagel's part, i actually think there are serious policy concerns and i think these hearings are going to make a great deal of difference as to whether he is confirmed or not. >> reporter: with washington barreling toward its borrowing limit, the white house is digging in its heels for debate over the debt ceiling. >> it is congress' responsibility to ensure that the bills congress racked up are paid. >> reporter: just one of several looming showdowns as the president prepares to kick off his second term. >> what you're seeing is a more aggressive barack obama, someone who is looking more at polishing what his place in history will be, the mark he wants to leave on the country in the next four years. and that, in some ways, means a more contentious relationship with congress. >> reporter: and some serious people, matt, are floating an idea to try to avoid that debt ceiling crisis, proposing that
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the treasury department mint a platinum trillion dollar coin. you would put that coin away in the federal reserve and then if necessary, you would spend it to help pay off the money that the u.s. owes. if that did happen, an idea some would call ridridiculous, you wd hate to be the person to put that coin in the million dollar meter. >> not a good thing, peter. thank you. new jersey governor chris christie made some headlines recently when he called out gop republicans for postponing a disaster aid vote for sandy victims. "time" magazine last night bumped someone off the cover of their magazine, they put this face on the cover of this week's issue with the headline, "the boss." with all due respect to the guy we both like, bruce springsteen, that's not what they're referring to. they're referring to the fact that this is your time to take the reins of the republican party. are you going to do it? >> i'm going to be the govng to
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of new jersey. that's my job. the only reason you get this attention is if you're doing your job well and being the advocate for the people who elected you. he that's all this is about. it's not about me trying to take control of anything. other than trying to take care of the people who elected me. >> but you're not happy, it seems, with the course of the republican party right now. you blasted republicans last week over their inaction over hurricane sandy. you said they showed callous indifference, practicing toxic politics. strong letter to follow. those aren't words of a guy who is happy with his party. >> no, because sandy is and was above politics in every other element except what happened in congress a week ago. i was trying to point out very clearly was there are people suffering in new jersey, people suffering in new york. they need to be taken care of. remember this now, matt. we've now waited seven times longer than the victims of katrina waited for federal aid. not right. >> are you happy with the course of the republican party right now? do you think it's headed in the right direction?
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>> matt, we've lost two national elections in a row. i would say the answer is no. >> okay. >> we've lost two national elections in a row. we need to think about doing something different. >> republicans going to have to deal with the issue of guns, as are all americans, democrats included. you called for a national discussion on guns and mental health. let me take you back to 1995. you were running for the general assembly in your state and went out and distributed campaign flyers supporting a ban on assault weapons. were you supporting the state ban on assault weapons or federal ban on assault weapons? >> state. >> you said if your opponents pledge to repeal that ban that it was dangerous, crazy and radical. would you take the next step now in the wake of all these shootings and say it's dangerous, crazy and radical for the federal government not to step up and create a ban on assault weapons? >> states need to make some of these decisions like we made in new jersey. we have the second toughest gun laws in america, only behind the state of new york. i think if that's all you're
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talking about, you're shortchanging this conversation. this young man in connecticut was obviously seriously mentally ill. why do we have such a stigma about mental illness treatment? >> if the president proposes a ban on assault weapons, do you support him? >> if that's all he proposes? >> if it's part of his plan. >> all you're focusing on right now is gun control. what about the violence in our video games? you and i both have children. we don't allow those games into our house. we made that decision because we think it desensitizes our children to the real effect of violence. the fact is, we need to have a conversation about all these things. we had a woman in camden who decapitated her child and killed herself, high on crack. if we don't deal with the substance abuse issues and mental abuse issues that lead to violence, we're shortchanging this conversation. >> if they deal with those issues as well, would you support a federal ban on assault weapons? >> depends on what they do, matt.
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>> why not say yes or no? >> it's not that easy. i know in a short interview like this, you would like me to give you pithy answers. but the fact is that these are complicated issues. the fact is i'm willing to have that conversation. that's a lot more than other people are willing to say. i'm willing to have the conversation but you have to deal with these other issues. otherwise you're just being political. >> in your state of the state address yesterday, you cast new jersey as to what you term the dysfunctional, dispirited and distrustful government in washington. i follow new jersey pretty closely, we're right across the border from you guys yet i watch you guys in the legislature there. they're dealing with the same gridlock on issues like taxes that we're seeing in washington. why is new jersey a better example? >> divided government in the past three years, we've passed the cap on property taxed. we've done a new drug rehabilitation program where for first-time offenders you don't get send sent to jail. you get sent to rehabilitation. i've vetoed three income tax increases when i've had to. we've had on confrontations when
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we've had to. >> there's plenty of dysfunction in new jersey in politics as well. >> lot less than there used to be, matt. lot less than there used to be. we're finding areas to compromise and work together. we've done more together than we've had fights in the past three years. >> let's talk about compromise. we are barreling towards fiscal cliff part two, the sequel to what we just have seen. some people say the debate coming up could be worse over the debt ceiling and spending. do you want to see the republican party stand firm and refuse to raise the debt ceiling until there are severe, dramatic and severe spending cuts, keeping in mind the last time we debated this, the credit rating of the united states is lower. are you willing to risk that again? >> i think we need to stand firm on getting some real significant spending reductions. we've now done what the president wanted to do. he wanted to raise taxes on the highest earning americans and republicans have now acquiesced to that. now it's time for the president to stand up and say here is what i need to do.
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if he's going to be a credible compromiser, he needs to stand up. >> do republicans refuse to raise the debt limit if those spending cuts are not deep enough? >> we've got a bunch of different options at our disposal. continuing resolution coming up in march. you have a number of other things that you can do that includes the debt ceiling. my point is that you have to get to the table and start working now. if we wait before the week or so before to start talking to each other we won't get it done. >> you forged a nice relationship with the president in the wake of hurricane sandy. you guys hit it off. there was that bromance that everyone talk about. do you still have his ear? might you be of some use as he approaches republicans during this debate? >> i don't offer my advice to the president in that way. what i've dealt with the president on is hurricane sandy and that's what the nature of our relationship is. he is not calling me matt at 11:00 at night and saying, hey, chris, what are you thinking about this? that's not how the relationship works.
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the fact is, i'll continue to speak out publicly about the things that i think are important, and anybody in washington, d.c. who wants to come to new jersey and see om of the stuff we're doing, how i'm working with the democratic legislature to try to bring compromise and consensus. fact that 61% of new jerseyans think their state is moving in the right direction is testimony to the fact that they think their government is working. that's what we're doing. anybody that wants advice in washington on that, myself and steve sweeney and the democrats from the legislature, we're happy to run a seminar for them. >> you end with a pithy answer. i like it. >> yeah. >> governor christie, always good to see you. >> thank you, matt. >> thank you. come 2014, there may be no u.s. troops on the ground in afghanistan. this, as the obama administration plans its final exit strategy from the decade-long conflict. the pentagon does not support the option, though, to pull out all american troops from afghanistan, saying some soldiers need to stay and tamp
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down al qaeda. new images this morning of american robert levinson kidnapped in iran in 2007 during a business trip. the photos were sent to the former fbi agent's family back in 2011. they released them on tuesday. in them, he is dressed like a prisoner at guantanamo bay. iranian officials have denied knowing anything about levinson's disappearance, a claim that u.s. officials doubt. a nightmare for boeing amid safety woes for the company's much anticipated dreamliner. nbc's ron mott has more from logan international airport in boston. good morning. >> reporter: good morning to you. double trouble for japan airlines and boeing over the past 48 hours here at logan as both companies investigate exactly what went wrong. two days in a row at boston's logan airport, a japan airline's jet has landed in the news. on tuesday, a new 787 full of passengers and already headed toward the runway had to turn back to the gate after pilots learned jet fuel, about 40
7:13 am
gallons, was spilling from the left tank on to the tarmac. monday, a different 787 parked at the gate following a flight emptied of passengers and crew began smoking. a fire down below that ntsb and boeing investigators have traced to the auxiliary power battery unit. >> it was a moderate fire condition in the modern avionics department that included the batteries and some of the electronic equipment. >> reporter: according to reports, one firefighter was injured battling monday's fire. boeing said of the fire, quote, nothing that we've seen in this case indicates a relationship to any previous 787 power system events, which involved power panel faults elsewhere in the aft electrical equipment bay. clearly, this is not the pr they dreamed about. >> i'll fly on a 787 any time. i have absolute confidence in the airplane. there are going to be teething problems with a new airplane. it's quite common. >> reporter: in light of all of this, united airlines says it will examine its fleet of 787s,
7:14 am
looking for any signs of trouble. natalie? >> ron mott in boston. thanks so much, ron. aig is considering whether or not to join a lawsuit against the government over the $182 billion bailout that saved the company back in 2008. aig's decision on whether or not to sue the government will come by the end of the month. as many as 50 people were hurt this morning, at least one critically when a commuter ferry in new york city made what is described as a hard docking in lower manhattan. fire and rescue officials took many of the injured away on stretchers. one passenger said there was a jolt and people went flying. the crowded high-sped ferry was coming from new jersey. if you're competing in a high school swim meet you don't want to see four-time olympic medalist missy franklin in the lane right next to you. believe it or not, at her first high school swim meet since her summer games in london, missy franklin says she was actually nervous. 6 the 17-year-old heads to college
7:15 am
next year to swim for california berkeley and she made it to state. of course, she won. >> don't leave us hanging. >> she was defeated by an unknown sophomore. >> ryan lochte. thanks. mr. roker? it's been hot. we all know it. in fact, it's official. national weather service and noaa announcing yesterday that, in fact, 2012, the hottest year on record. average temperature, 55.3 degrees, 3.2 degrees above the 20th century average. amazing stuff. we've got a big system causing big problems down through texas, lot of heavy rain with this thing. we've already got flash flood watches, flash flood warnings throughout much of the south. we are looking for anywhere from three to five inches of rain from central texas on into louisiana, parts of mississippi, arkansas and missouri. that's what's going on. but first, let's get your local forecast after this message. me.
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7:17. i'm christina loren. we have thick fog this morning. less than a quarter mile visibility in concord. in fairfield, a hundred feet or less. travel cautiously. we are headed to the 50s now. 56 degrees inland bay side. 55. 5 # 5 degrees at the coast. cooler than yesterday's highs. expecting snow flurries in the bay area. your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thanks.
7:17 am
if you like calamari there may be no better place to go than southern california. fishermen there are catching huge numbers of jumbo squid. we sent nbc's tom costello out on a nighttime fishing expedition. good morning, tom. did you catch the big one? >> reporter: yes, i did. you might call this the great california squid rush or calamari rush because fishermen have never seen these jumbo squid out on this ocean in years. now it seems the whole ocean is full of them. a beautiful picturesque sunset over the pacific and the hunt is on for the ink-spitting humble squid or what we know in the restaurant as calamari. >> oh, yeah. hoping to catch some big ones. >> reporter: after word spread last week that hundreds are being caught at a time, fishermen up and down the california coast have been trying to get in on the catch. >> welcome to squid fishing. >> one of my co-workers is a fish guru and watches this like a religion and told me they're
7:18 am
biting like crazy. >> reporter: it didn't take long. within minutes, the squid were hitting the deck, lots of them. katie mason brought along her kids, including 5-year-old catalina. >> well, i warned them, it's wet, it's dirty, it's crazy. so i wanted them to kind of have that experience. >> they're really big. >> it's like pulling up a volkswagen tire. >> reporter: putting up a fight and squirting water and ink at everyone on board. >> once they come up and they get in the light, you can catch as many as you want really quickly. >> reporter: the last time so much jumbo squid showed up here was back in 2009 and the discovery channel just shot this first-ever video of an elusive 600-pound giant squid. why are so many suddenly showing up off the california coast? we asked marine biologist chris plant. >> it is remarkable we're seeing them in the density worry seeing them in. we can only guess that they're chasing food.
7:19 am
they could be eating anything from small krill all the way up to bigger fishes. >> reporter: catching them isn't difficult. i don't think he's happy. even i caught one and i never catch anything. whoo! how did i do? >> you did great. good job. >> reporter: this is what it's all about. this is how -- they tell me i got to hold a squid. and the key is to souffle it very quickly because the meat will go bad in just a few hours. in all, our boat called in 300. we won't show you the deck hands rushing to cut and clean the squid right away. but on this night off the san diego coast -- >> feels like hitting a home run in little league. >> reporter: everyone went home with some calamari for the freezer. >> reporter: fishermen love this because the squid put up such a fight. that's a fisherman's delight. they could get up to five, six feet long. why are they here now and how long will they stick around is really anyone's guess. in the meantime you can imagine
7:20 am
there are going to be a lot of fishermen headed to the nearby beach. >> tom costello, congratulations. hope you washed your hands. a lot. >> 2,000 leagues under the sea. >> that was a squid. nemo. you need a big boat with a big fryer behind it. >> fried and marinara sauce. >> that's all we need. coming up, popular metal water bottles being blamed for serious injuries. the concern that could land your child in the emergency room. she's a bufy queen that caught the eye of an espn announcer during monday's championship game. now the network is apologizing. we will get reaction from katherine webb, miss alabama u.s.a. in an exclusive, live interview. first this is "today" on nbc. oh!
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a smart way toelp manage hunger and diabete >> announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." >> good morning to you. 7:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. pg & e reached a settlement with two families of the san bruno explosion. it requires new safety measures. jacquelyn gregg and her daughter were among eight people killed when the pipeline exploded in 2010. the mercury news says the agreement with the family forces the utility to closely study the life span of the aging pipeline and give the family progress reports. the family attorney says it will help prevent another disaster. let's check the forecast now with christina loren. it was quite a day yesterday. how are we looking now? >> pretty foggy. good morning to you. we are going to see a nice first half of the day. we have showers on the way and a cold blast of air into tonight. less than a quarter mile
7:26 am
visibility from livermore to concord. you're dropping like a rock in fairfield as the fog creeps in through the delta. travel cautiously. the air quality improved from yesterday. today we are back in the good range just about everywhere. moderate air quality prevails for the east today. temperatures will be much cooler. you will notice the difference. 56 degrees in livermore. 56 degrees in san francisco. we might just see a dusting of snow tomorrow morning. we'll get snow and we'll have to see what happens. 7 clb:27. it's slowing down on the rush hour drive. >> it is. a typical pattern for the volume of traffic. there is fog out there. let's show you the change in the view here. san mateo brinl. the flat section disappears into the low clouds and fog. when it touches the roadway that's what it is. traffic flow, typical pattern. we'll get a look outside at the area. 101 through palo alto.
7:27 am
visibility on the roadways. okay now but it will be a factor in half an hour to an hour from now through these portions into the south bay. we are seeing low clouds through fremont as well. the northbound commute jamming up for northbound 280. 85 slow from 87 all the way into cupertino. 87 mild but slow. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. we'll have another local news update in half an hour. a look at weather and traffic as well.
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7:29 am
i'll tell you, you quarterbacks, you get all the good-looking women. what a beautiful woman. >> wow! >> that rema by espn annncer brt musberger helped katherine webb go from 2,000 follors on twitter to 212,000 in just 24 urs. now the network is apologizi to the alama quarterback's girlfriend doeshe tnk they need ? we'reoing to ask her when she joins us live 7:30 now on this wednesday mog, the 9th of january, 2013. i'm savannah guthrie, alongside matt lauer. a scandal that h shaken a small town in mae, a local zumba instructor acc of runng a pstitution service and tapin her clients. now the mive behind tse tapes. if you're one of e 4 million peoe who went into foreclosure over the recent
7:30 am
years, you could be owed some money by some banks, who j went into a settlement. we'll talk w jean chaty. we hope we can pride you with some iniratioto stick to your weight loss resolution this year. ex-paratrooper w was despondent until he found something that word for him and shed the extra pounds, got his life bk and we'll tell you what that something was. we begin with a rossen rert, warning parents about some water bottles that some ki u every day. jeff rossen has the details on thi this. good morning. >>ood rning, savannah and matt. we're talking about ese metal water bottles. we all use them. they're especiallyopular with kids. we've found th kids e getting their tongues stuck right inside. may sound like a joke, but doctsay this isuite serious. so seous, one cpany has alady stopped selling many of them. this morning, you' going to see what can happen and the
7:31 am
warning here, me of the images aregraphic. this frightened little girl is ma kate person, her tongue trappednside this metal water tt, the kind kids u every day. >> i put m tgue in it to get the last drop. d then it just got stuck,ike completely jammed into t bottle. >> reporter: it wouldn't budge. medics rushed h to e e.r. where doctors c off the bottom of t bottltlbut her swoen tung tongue was still trapped at the narrow opening at the top. >> two worst case scenios, that sheould suffocate or her tongue would die, she wldn't be able to speakanymore, she could lose her tongue. >> it took tee hours o surgery to free her tongue. she spent another three days in icu, recovering. >> immediately i tught about all the other kids on theoccer
7:32 am
field have this exact sam bottle andhis uld happen to any kid. >>epte so how does it happ? doctors believe when some childr stick their tongues in to take a drink, it creates stnguction and metalottles won'flex, causing the tone to swell up inside. that narrow neck and strong brass ridges act like a noose, trapping the tongue. whileases are rare it also happened to this 8-year-old gir boy i north carolina.-year-old dr. chad white hademoved the mel bottle fro that 9-ar-old's tong. >> a lot of parents areatching ying my ks drinkut of these water bottles all the time. nothing has happened d it won't happen to me. >> any product you give a kid 99.9% of time it's fine until somethin happens to your ki reporter: and if it happs, getting the bottle off requires
7:33 am
special surge ical too. this can bserious procedure? >> oh, yeah. any time you're using powered equient near a child's face, it's very serious. reporter: luckily,ary kate recovered fro her acci, but now oy uses bottles with a raw. this ing, her warning to other kids about metal bottles. it's a cometely big risk. like i would never, ever take that risk. >> mary kate's familyow considering legalction against two companies ttellhese metal water bottles. one o them told nbc news it is saddened and concerned to hr about he injury and theyish her well. they have nceulled that kin ofote o the market entirely. other coanies,y the way, taking ts seriously, too, telling us wleccidents are extremely rare, of cose, they ar working with the government tudy these accidents to figure out howo make them safer. >> if you have these btles and kids want to use them, ier a way to make tmsar? >> i'm so glad you aske
7:34 am
you go to the store wre you ught the bott. these cost a coue of dollars, sippy ps, screw it o and you're done. no tongue in the ttle. >> appciate it. let's get aheck of the wer w fro al roker. >> tt, thank you so much we're looking at a big chae weatherwise as far as mperatures are ncerned. look at the jet stream. that's for today. it is way upo the north. that means tempetures are way abe normal in places like chita falls i minneapolis, we're expecng temperatures to be awherfrombout 10 t 15 degreeove normal. now we moven into sunday, we'reooking at jet stream taking a big dip out west, mperatures dro out there. 55 b sunday, d.c., 67. atlanta will see a high of 71 7:35 on a foggy start to
7:35 am
wednesday. good morning. i'm christina loren. we are going to deal with mostly cloudy conditions today. we have showers on the way tonight. we'll drop your temperatures about 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday's high. you will notice the difference. 56 in san francisco with showers on the way throughout the night. if the showers move on shore during the coldest point of the day tomorrow which actually looks likely we could see snow flurries down to 1,000 feet. that's your latest weather. matt? >> all right, al, thank you very much. we have some new details this morning on a sex scandal that rocked a small town in maine. a zumba dance instructor accused of prostitution and secretly taping sexual encounters with her clients. a lot of things coming to light in vanity fair. katie couture is here. katie, good morning to you. >> outlining each sex act loong
7:36 am
with videotapes and records. such detailed records have some wondering if an extortion plot was in the works. >> why would alexis wright need cam corders, stacks of hard drives and countless lists about her clients that investigators say detailed who, what, when and how much? three months later the question of why is still hanging over the town of kennebunk. beth mclean writes about what everyone has been talking about. extortion. >> why would anyone do this unless there was going to be some grand attempt at extortion down the road. but in truth, no one really knows. >> reporter: no one knows, but the town is certainly speculating. >> all my gut instincts say this is some type of extortion situation that has been set up. but again, i don't have all of the facts. >> reporter: so far about a third of the nearly 200 alleged
7:37 am
so-called johns in the case have been identified. gary pullman represents ten of them. >> their whole lives have been turned upside down, and i don't think that's fair. >> reporter: wright was running a one-woman brothel out of a dance studio with her lover, gary strong. both are being charged with violation of privacy and conspiracy. both have pleaded not guilty to the charges. in a statement to nbc news, wright's lawyer says there is unequivocally no evidence of extortion. he agrees. >> the fact there would be extortion involved, there is no evidence to support that. >> reporter: as for kennebunk, mclean says the scandal has shaken the town's new england reputation. >> it's always the perception, right, that sex doesn't happen here.
7:38 am
in reality, as the story shows, sex scandals happen everywhere, even in the most unlikely places. >> the trial begins at the end of the month. lawyers for the three alleged johns have complained they have barely seen any ledgers written by police. of the 66 people named, there is one woman, the wife of a man who was named a little bit earlier. matt? >> katie, thank you very much. up next, how to tell if your bank owes you some money in the wake of a massive multi-billion-dollar mortgage settlement deal. but first, these messages. carb. thstory keeps changing. carb. so i'm not listening... to anyone but self. i kn better nutrition when i see it: great grains. great grains cereal starts whole anstays whol see the seam? prossed flakes look nothg like nural grain see the seam? you can't gue with nutrition you can see. grgrt grains.
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introducing the radicay w avon. to. let's go places. > back nt7:43 wit "today's" money. it's been five years since the housing bubble burst. with the market slowly on the mend, nks artrying tclean up what is left of the mortgage messf the huge new settlement, taling $8.7 million. some of that money going to consumers. wi it been fit you? jean chatzky is "today's" financial contributor. good morning, jean. >> good morng. >> who is the money of this settlement going to?
7:43 am
>> peoplwho we i oceedings in 2009 and 2010 and thos proceedings were wrongly handled. some 3.8 million consumers were handled by ten different mortgage companies. your mortgage company aually has to be participating for you to see any money. t most of these peoplere people who should have had loan modifications, go through the procesbu who were foreclosed stead. >> you hrhis top line number $8.5 billion. sounds like a lot. w much is the average homeowner in these circumstances likely to receiv >> there are twoools of money. e's $3.3 billion i actual cash that will go to consumers. and we think -- i'll bre this down f you in a se. the erage is going to be about $15,0 for those people who should have had loan modifications. there's another $5.2 billion for future foreclosure prevention. essentially the banks a allowed to use that poolf money to lowerrinciplen
7:44 am
loans. they're alwed to use it to get rid of judgments against you, if you sold your home and owed the bank money and there eve allowed to uset to provide hoing counseng. >> ithey give you a break in some way, shape or form this goes against the settlement fund? >> the $5.2 billion. $3.3 is actual cash and consumers shouldee it by march. >> do you have to file a complaint to get this money? >> no. but if you did file a complaint andre was a process on the tae thatllowed consumers to file a complaint that clod in december -- if you did file a complaint, cnces a pretty good youeng to see me than somy who didn't. and about half a million people led a complaint. i spoke to the federal reserveve yesterday, and ty essentlly said the more wronged you were, the mor harm y saw, theore money you're going to see. >> really quickl $15,000 for the average homeowner, i'm sure there are folks atome thinking, wow, i lost my house. that really an adequate remedy? is that adequate compensatio
7:45 am
>>ou have to understand -- i agree with you and so do a lot of consumer adcates, that the number should be higher, but a lot of these people were already delinquent. th may have lost their homes ople who had the homes ized, they'lleeloser t $100,000, $125,000, but there are t man of them. >> jean, thank you. wh the ducss has planned for her birthday. and wll find out whe jasonkennedy's tour of our studio tak him.. first these messages. easyith frp from the u.s. postal service. we'll even drop off bos if y need them. visit pay, print, and have it pickp for free. any time of year. ♪ nice sweater. ank you. ♪
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always good to the last drop. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] nothing ge you going quite like t power of quaker oats. today is going to be epic. quaker up. ♪ >> wow, with all the books o the -- >> and the mother-to-be, duchess cambridge,lans to spender
7:49 am
day out of the publicye -- microphone problem. michel, n you hear us? good morning. >>eporter: hithere. yes. the palace wl say only that the royal cpl will spend this birthday before kate becomes a mother privately,ossibly at the remote cotge inwales. bring her the gift o her first chiland not one, but two palatial home one of which tually i a palace. kate and william will steal som private time for her y. th may be her most precious gift right now, as the birth of their royal hr approaches. the world watching their lives about to change. as thrifty and norma as kate's image s been, she'sbout to make a major princess move, literally. in just a few months, she and lliam are expected to move in a 20-roo apartment her at kensington palace. for kate, that means a major redecoration project, inclin of course, a nurser
7:50 am
butnother enormoussent is expected come from the queen. another dream home. this ten-bedroom country estate, giving will and kate,lus one, one more escape from anver brighter spotlight. it tracking all of e duchess' fashion. she seems to fav ue. and the average diameter of her curls, 2.5 centimeters. does perfectionatter to anne? why does anyone care so much? >> because she represents us. practically unlike any other womanr a other pern in the world we have accesso twitter account or weite, s h no public voice. her clothes are often one of t main ways she has of mmunicatin >> reporr: her sle convey the age of briin -- >> it wi be i ieresng to see
7:51 am
how she conveys tt mp. and what the child is wearing. will she do the princess diana thing of putting them in their baseball cap s? >> reporter: even now, kate is making her owndecions. >> i think it'she stylist picking out th clothes that wo not put the s she's wearing -- >> i think that's the tellle sign. that is what makes it work. kate willlso have her first official portrait unvled this ar. odd birday worry. toda in nern irel the british flag, in honor of kate, will be flown above lfast cy hall, an issue that sparked some seous unrest there lately. ny areatching that and hoping that this day will be as peaceful as it is uncharteristically sunny and beautiful. ck to you guys. >> i gue the weathers celebrating kate's rtay. >> don't you notice it's always beautiful in london when
7:52 am
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7:55 am
>> good morning to you. 7:55 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. today is decision day for barry bonds. in just a few hours, major league baseball will announce the 2013 hall of fame class. based on the stats, 762 career homeruns, seven mvp awards, bonds should be in the hall of fame. but certainly that controversy over his steroid use could keep him from getting in. about 600 members of the baseball writers association have voted. to be elected a player must receive 75% of the vote. we'll have the results as soon as they come in during our 11:00 a.m. newscast. meantime, we want to check the forecast with christina loren. >> good morning, laura. good morning to you at home. foggy start to the day. not as foggy as yesterday in san jose. better air quality as well. this is san francisco. a gray, overcast day with a system of low pressure on the way to the bay area forcing temperatures into the 50s. we hit the 60s yesterday in some
7:56 am
areas. 57 today in santa ti reis a. rain on the way tonight. 4:00 p.m. once the sun starts to set getting showers on the coastline continuing until 7:00 p.m. look at this. getting a few showers during the coldest point of the day today. we could see a dusting of snow in the highest elevation of san francisco. we'll check on the drive. good morning, mike. >> you said none of the fog, you're right. fog not an issue as the fog comes just under the layer. on the map, we see it in the sent isser of the screenment the red junction north 280. we took a look at that. throughout san jose, 101 and 85. starting to thin coming from san jose into cupertino. we'll get a live look outside at the san mateo bridge coming toward the murky peninsula side. back to you. >> thank you very much. we'll have another local news update in a half hour. see you then.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
we decided to host because they seem fun. >> it's a sloppy, loud party. >> that seems like our thing. >> that's tina fe and amy poehler for this coming sunday evening golden globes ceremony. it should be a star studded evening. we kick off with a star studded red carpet show preview an hour before the program, 7:00 p.m. eastern time, 4:00 pacific time here on nbc. it should be a lot of fun. welcome back to "today," 8:00 now on this wednesday morning. i'm matt lauer along with savannah guthrie andal roker. >> friday morning, a bit of a
8:00 am
preview, an adventure coming up. >> you are doing "ellen," too, aren't you? >> yeah, a big l.a. adventure. also, the woman getting all the attention after the big national championship game. >> this is the girlfriend of alabama's quarterback, a.j. she caught the attention of the announcers during the game. they went on and on and on about her appearance and how beautiful she was. now, espn has apologized saying maybe it went too far. she's going to join us for a live interview. we'll find out what she thinks about the comments and what it's like to find yourself in this spotlight overnight. we'll talk to her about this. >> dog expert will be here. he is going to show us how to train some dogs. it should get interesting. i have mutton in my pocket.
8:01 am
>> that's cheating. >> let's get to natalie morales who is at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning, everyone. the political fight over gun control moves to the forefront. vice president joe biden begins a series of meetings as head of the task force on gun violence. we'll hear from members of the entertainment industry. he'll get imput from gun rights groups including the nra. an fbi explosives expert testifies that james holmes rigged his apartment with homemade bombs in an unsuccessful attempt to create a diversion on the day he gunned down people killing 12. he said holmes played with a paper bag, placed it over his hands to preserve gunshot residue as if they were puppets.
8:02 am
2012 is the hottest temperature on record for the united states. it's one degree above the record set? 1998. last year was the second worse for extreme weather events such as tornadoes, wildfires and droughts. the heat is likely to continue and it is consistent with a warming world. now let's head to wall street and the new york stock exchange. good morning. >> good morning, natalie. the season four u.s. earnings companies got off to a great start. alcoa has strong earnings and good outlooks for the overall economy. investors are watching for positive signs for oil output. natalie? >> not a bad deal. thanks. now for a look at what's trending today. the quick round up of what has you talking online.
8:03 am
congress could use fans. approval ratings in a new poll place the esteemed lawmakers ahead of cockroaches, head lice. congress still scores higher than lindsay lohan, the kardashians and a virus. the "twilight" saga, "breaking dawn" part 2 is in this year's razzie awards. in addition to worst picture, worst actor and actress. the "twilight" gang gets the last laugh with an $800 million box office tally. reports of a lion on the loose turned out to be nothing more than creative pet grooming. residents called 911 thinking a lion escaped from the zoo. it turns out the lion seen in this video is actually charles the monarch, a 3-year-old lab
8:04 am
doodle whose owner has him shaved to look like the king of the jungle. a prettying to. 8:05 now. let's go to al for a check of the weather. i can see how they can make that mistake. >> absolutely. still, a lion. hi, where you from? >> right here. earth. sort of. occasionally. it's her 10th birthday. >> happy birthday. you have been waiting a decade to be on "today." >> yeah. >> was it worth it? >> yeah. >> like the hat, too. very nice. let's check out your weather and see what we have for you. the pick city is st. paul, minnesota. kare, sunny and mild. 37 degrees. pacific northwest getting hammered once again. mountain snows, coastal rain. we are talking anywhere from one to two feet of snow in the saw tooth cascades. we are looking at rain along the coast. the rest of the country, heavy rain in the gulf.
8:05 am
central texas as well. sunny and on the cool side along the eastern sea board. again, that mountain snow with . 8:06 on a wednesday morning. good morning. i'm meteorologist christina loren. hazy conditions and thick, low clouds over san francisco. it's going to be an overcast day and temperatures will be 4 to 10 degrees cooler than yesterday. 55 in livermore. 56 degrees today in san francisco. now, here's where it gets interesting. showers on the way for tonight. tomorrow morning during the coldest point of the day we could get snow levels down to 1,000 feet, dusting of snow likely. 's ng up, t wan who stole the show at the national championship footbl game the other night,atherine webb, will tell us how she feels about being thcenter of atntion after th. the boys u pital e venture miles
8:06 am
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> we're back now a 8:10 with the true star of colge football's national chaionship game not a player on the field, but the girlfriend o alabama's quarteack, a.j. mccarron. we'll talk toheri webb exclusivy in a moment. firs nbc's andrea canning has a little bit mor on her. andrea? >> look at her, i get it. she's absoluly gorgus. good morning, ma. shectually met her boyfriend, a.j. marron on twter. and it'switter that's given heinstant celebry status. what seems to the most sought ter wom in america, fighting
8:10 am
off questions from athlesnd even a job offer from donald trump. >> bece moreopular than the otll star himself. >> y quarterbacks t all the goodooking women. at a beautiful wo wow! >> whoa! >> a.j.'soing - >> she has mad every ghlight reel in the country aeronday night's bcs national championship game between alabama and notre dame. e has everyone talking. >> katrine webb. >> katherine webb. >> hey, they're talkingbout thine webb. >> it's a human interest story. it's a girlfriend. mean, good-looking people sellright? it'sot a spris that televisi and movse good-looki people. e's go-looking person. thgame wasn't competitive. what wou you talkabout? >> reporter: her biggest fan ems to b 73-year-old br musberger, play-by-play annocer whooun'teem to get enough of her good looks. >> i youe a yoter in alabama, srt getting a football out and throwing it arnd the backyard with pop.
8:11 am
>> reporter: but did he go a lile too far? >>ome people aralling it creepy actually. >> can't argue with that. little creepy. >> i didn't think they went too far at all. especially because espn knew when you put an aractive man on the screen, what do you expect people to say? >> reporte espn eventuall apologed, releasing this statement. we always try to capture reinstorylines and the relationship between an auburn grad who is miss alabama and the current alabama quarterback certainly met that test. wever, we alogize thathe commentary in this instance went too far and bre undererands that. webb took it all in stride, teing tmz she was flattered. after all the atttion opelled her from 2,300 twitter followers to nearly 200,00048 hours ter. she became a top search on googlend she even had de offers from an nfl player who tweeted her his phone number, but accidentally sent it tall of twitter, too.
8:12 am
her qb bfriend mccarron saw and responded #betterkeepdreaming. tuesday, donald trump offered her spot on the judging panel at this year'siss usa. matt? >> t oers will keep coming, no doubt. let's say good morning to good to see you. how are you? good morning, matt. i'm fine. how are you? >> you confid in me you hadn't slept in about 48 hours, getting down there f thehampionship me, watching the game, celebring acid and then this kind of explosion of tension around you. have you gotn a ltle rest no >> yes, got at least four hours las nigh we spent abo mbe 10 or 11 urs traveling back from miami back homeo abama. so i got a little bit of sleep, so -- >> kathine, were u aware at all as you were sitting in the
8:13 am
stands there, watching the t roll t their second consetive national title what was being said aboutyou? was anye texting you? did you get any e-mls during the me? >> no. my phone actually die before i entered io the stadium. and so i was so disappointed, caus i didn't have my one. i wasn't able to tweet or take pict pictures or speak with my fami. during the gam few of my friendsittinside me kind of turned arod and wer like, oh, my gosh, katherine, look what's on the internet it was a screen shot of me and a.j. mom, dedee bonner, at the game. i actually had no idea and didn't find o until hfway through. >>ow that you know what was said abo you by brent musberger d oersn the air? i know you said you didn't take offee to it but they did go on and on about your appearance and how young guys in alabama should toss the football around so they get to date a girl like you.
8:14 am
with a little hindsight, how do you elbout thements? >> i t tchink the media has bee really unfr to him. if he woul haveaid something alg the lines of -- that we were hot or sexy or made any derogatorytatements ke that, that w have been different. the fact tt he said we were beautiful and gorgeous, i don't see why any woman wouldn't be flattered by that. i think they've en a little biunfair to hi >> so no rson for pn to apologize, in yr opinio >> you know, i don't think it was needed, honestly. i mean, ocourse, i appreciate it. but at theame time, i d't ink that i needed an apology. >> i mentioned twitter has explod. u went from 2,300 followers to er 200,000 in 24 hours. at one point the twitter folks tell us you were getting about 1,000 followers peminute. i know this sounds a lite like a pageant question for the reigning miss alabamau.s., but what do you plan too with this newfound fame and
8:15 am
lebrity? it can be a dole-edged sword. >> youknow,honest i'm really shocked t it really took o le that. and, you kn, i think that we need to draw bk o attention to whohe real winners are, and that's the alabama football team. they'vspent soong getti ready rhis season andhey won theisecond ba-to-back national championship and that's such an accomplishment and i'm flattered a all attention, you know. and i'm humbl butthe same time we need to draw back our focus to who the real winners are. at the samtime, you ow, i'll do whater i can to help the teamut anduppo a.j. and do all that, so -- t, yeah. >> enjoy t couple of mites. at least enjoy t popularity. it's fun. hopefully, it is all flattering. by the way, yes, say congratulations to a.j. fromll of us >> i will. be sureo tell him. >> all right, katherine.
8:16 am
ni talking to you. thanks very much. >> tnk you so much. all right. up next, an inspiring weight loss sto of a man who used yoga to dro me than 140 pounds in ten months. we'll tell you how he did it right tethis. this is $100,000. wesked totaltrangers watcht for us. thank you so much. apapiate it. they didn't take aime. how w ch in fees does yourankta? if your bank takes more moy than a stranger,e. you need an ally. allyank. your money needs aal. very interesng. cool. ke "success." joy. i got cracker chips. [ laughing ] chocolatey pretzel. mmmm.... special [ female announcer ] snacknd ay on k with special k. i li "confnfence." i a confident lady. [ laughter ]
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erything better th a great cup of coffee. exceptionally smooth and peectly balanced for a harmonious blend of flavor, body and aroma. grn motain coffee r your keurig brewer. ew a better day. th samsungaly ii from restraight talk wireless. he'll get the same great nationwide coverage for half the cost. he'll get the same great let's see if he notices. evyone noticed. e saved $950 a year. enougho buy some sweet mother of gloryyrotechns.
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rock on, abigail. rock on. same phones, same networks. halthe cost. a samsung galaxy ll with unlimited everything just $45 a mon. straight tk wiss. only at waart. aouncer: new year new you is brought to you by kellogg's special k prodts. back now at 8:20 with our special series new year new you. a lot of people make resolution to lose weight during the new ar. we hope you will get inspired by people who have done it in dramatic fashion. a paratrooper whose weight loss ha become an online sensation. kerry sanders hasis story. good morning. >> reporr: good morning, vannah yogaan increase your ibily, build your strength and it can relax you. in arthur borman'scase, it
8:20 am
literally changed his life. as you'll e, h changed his lifen ways that h never thought possib. nowe s tha video. millions of people have seen it. soone sent it toe on my facebook pa. hi physical and emotial transforma will inspire you. with more than 7 millionits on youtube, arthur boan's ysical transformation is shocking and inspiring. 15 years ago, artr was a paratroopein themilitary. physical demands of the job took a toll o hisack and gs, leaving m with canes and braces. >> i gained a lot of weight. >> what do youall a lot of weight? >> at bsolute heaviest i igd somewhere over 340 pounds. i couldn give you anxact figure. we h to approximate my weight cause i couldn't weigh myself on one scale. >> reportes the pounds add up, his emotional state fell apart. >> thereas many, many times i
8:21 am
was truly disgusted whai had become. when furniture gives weigh undernea you, when you can't do things that everyon else can do -- >> reporter: and his health was declining. >> i was at a point in my le ere i fully expected die. wasaving difficulty moving, difficulty standing up. i had aually gotten t a point where i could not drive a car. >> reporter: after nerous failed dietsnd exercise regimerthur was looking online for pain management when he came across a yoga dvd by a unkely instructor, fmer wrestler dmond dallas page. >> i w watching the youtube clips and i said to myself, i can do that. di't have to stand u or go some place to do th. i thought, okay, i can give this try. this could work. >> reporter: ahur bought the dvd online. >>hen i first saw the pictures ofrthur with the knee bce and the back brace and the wrap-around cas, i was like,
8:22 am
wow, i want helphat guy. you ow? >> reporter: and the two became close with arthurupdating dalln his progre and dall encouraging him, all online. >> did he have that discipline actually do it? and he did. i was blown away by his results every month. i was like, wow! >> reporter: and arthur's results are impssive. and today you can take your foot and -- >> yep. >> repter: his azing weight loss of over 140 pous over ten months and fm using a cane to lk to actual runningall videotapednd pted online. >>actually, i srted rolng the cameraecause i was afraid it wouldn'trk. >> a let's bring it do >> reporter:thur, who invited me to balance in a yoga position with him, says heopes others wiwi be motivated by his inspiring story. >>y sharing my story, i'm hopingnghat inspire d other
8:23 am
people. don't view what i did as impossible or extraordinary. i think that anyone can do what i did in any aspect o their life. >> now arthur also cut out the junk food. if you'rehinking about trying what h did, espially if you're thinking about doing sothing like this, consult your doctor before you do it. back to u guys. >> namaste, kerry. >> all of us to do yoga. >> wwere trying. > tomorro in our sers new year, new you, wll meet an inspirational group, 12 strangers who metonline and helped each other drop more than 1,100 unds > nd the snes touf our progra jason kennedy has found on of our favore spots, the prep kitchen. >> that's where all those beautifulishes are made every single dayhat you see on the r. this is bianca henry. she runs the ship dn here.
8:24 am
hello. you'll give a little tour in a second,right? >>e're ready for you. >> before we do that, let me break down. basically every day a big truck pulls up to that door right there,ul of all typesf differen things, prode, food. theyoad it right here. let me give you the groce list for today alone, fresh gingerroot, six pounds of that, pound raw almonds, pound of ground turkey. that's just f day. so you guys don mess aroun here, right? >> we don't mess arnd. the prep is ready to go upstairs for th morning segmen >> introduce us to yr team. >> the best food team inhe business. al a >> refrigerato, two freezers andhe ovens. >> wt's tecre bore we getnthe ovens? you make it look so goodnd it st so good. what's your secret to that? >> we picked up a few tips from our gut chefs. a thiis how yourank it
8:25 am
out? cai have a . good wednesday morning to you. 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. we'll get an update on the museum heist in oakland. stealing a gold rush era quartz and gold box. it's reportedly worth more than $800,000. this is the second time the m t museum has been blarged. we'll bring you the very latest. i want to bring you the latest when it comes to the morning commute. it's foggy out there. >> yes. folks can see that there really is fog here. not quite as widespread. we'll show you the south bay and northbound commutes. 101 is slow through to the
8:26 am
airport but overall things are getting lighter, except for mountain view. north 101, a stalled out semitruck causing a backup. this may be an issue for 237 at the interchange. we're looking at another flow of traffic here and to the south bay and 280 i think we have another live shot. maybe we don't. there we go. southbound coming up through palo alto. >> all right. thank you very much for the update. we'll have another one for you in half an hour. we'll see you then.
8:27 am
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 now onhis wedsday morng, the 9th of nuary, 20. we wl say hello toverybody who is gatred on our plaza this morng and a pretty day here in the northeast. rain in the soh. rain in tex today? a pretty day here. and as we say good morning t th, weay good morningo you. i'm sannah guthrie alongside matt lauer, al roker and natalie morales. the age-old question, who is the t dog among us? >> a very qualified gu ces aar milan, you know him perhaps as "the dog whisperer."
8:30 am
is he says that heehabilitat dogsnd trains their owner and he will put us through the paces as he matches each one of us up th one of tse pooches in a couplef minutes. >> also coming up, i'm not channeling hoda and kathie lee here. or mbe i am. >> wine baby. >> you've seen all those as seen on tv commercials. this is a wine yolk. we'll put this to the test along with other products like lint roller. >> you can use them all a wops actually. >> do u know what ishe best wine holder? i discovered this yesterday. >> and you can rt a littl hor d'oeuvre on that thing. >> very nice. why not? martha stewart is in the house. she will help us be healthy for 2013. she s hearty and healthy recipepethat also happen to be meatless, but yet ver tisfying. >> we nto remind you, don't rget t cast your vote for
8:31 am
sar savannah's b hollyod adventure as she heads outor the golden globes. shll also take a movie-inspired side trip. woman," sideways," in sthern california we country a the classical musical "grease" o e classic musical"grease." i'm not sure thatould be a class classical mucal. >> with the e gees. >> we'll see where savanh lands on monday morning. >> allight. loing forward to that. get your vot in early and often. how out a check of the weher? >> starting f with today, lot of heavy rain, as savannah mentioned, through texas, gf coast, alaba, ssissipp heavy mountain snows in the cic northwest. ndy conditionsake-effect snow shors across t easrn great lakes. fo tomorrow, wreooking f rain from tpper missiippi
8:32 am
river vallllhe way along the vaey intthe gulf coa where it's going to be hvy. wee loing at sunshine ang e easte sboard, but mild th windy conditions i ithe northeast an new england. windy conditions in southern californ >> don forget any time you need it, goo weath channel on cabler online. >> we'll head inside in a cpl of mines. cesar lan will help us figure ouwho is the leader of the
8:33 am
pack. bu here you go little man.
8:34 am
[ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
8:35 am
♪ thas why iel for the leader of the pack ♪ we're back at 8:36 wh world-renowned dog expt cesar milan. has a new show called eader of the pack" where he gives unadoptable dogs a sond chance atli. thank u for joining us this morning. >> thankou. thank you for the opportunity. >> these dogs ha problems and issu. that'shy they haven been owned in the past. what dyou do with them? >> the firstroblem is hum abandonment. around the world, 600illion dogs die every ar that's one thing i started "dog whisperer" and start a showith a ssion. "leadeof t pack"s show with a mission. but for that i nd pk leaders that are willing t ge a dog a second chance. >> how do you do that? how do you rehilitate the dog?
8:36 am
>> first i find the right energy for that dog. compatibility is moremportant than anything else. >> with the owne a lot of timeseoe come and rescue a dog ty feel sorry r. the dog is already in a bad position. if your engy is negati, he is knoed going toeelsafe. >> as saw with yr last sw og whisperer" sometimes you say it's more about the humans having to train them rather than the dog. is always about the hun. in the animal world, it's energy. th don't know wh you do for a living. theyust know the energy you project. if youe nervous,ou have to be are o that. otherwise they pk up on i right ay. >> what are we going to do today? >>ou're going to pic your dogs. how unternto their space -- by the way -- >> a dog or just go down the line? >> any dog you want. hey. >> hi. >> hi, buddy. >> so do we have to know their mes or does that not tter? >> some peo fl comfortable
8:37 am
with it. i neve ask for the name. th the first step. the second step is, unleash the dog zplu. >> you want us to take the leas >> yes. everything counts, eve second ho you deal with -- >> okay,ok, okay. >> already w -- very od. >> walking through the door, is that what we're doing? >> not yet. put the leash on and control the situation. >> elis all over everybody. >> natalie, can youet your dog ay from my g, please? you're disturbing my coentration. th next step will be gng through the door. >> they are a little excited. >> they got excid. >> come on. >> very good. very good. energy. keepery calm your energy. iikeit.
8:38 am
>> little bit help >> this is when i gohrough the door. >> yeah, you gohrough the door >> my dog won't let you. >> he ha a episode of -- >> little situatn. >> allhese dogs a north shore animal league dogs. >> wh! >>reate that is friction. so it's all about -- >> what are w doingwrong, cesar? >> y lost control, t? so this is the way we should addrs the situation. when we through the door,e ar auallyelng him, we are going go first. >> ay. >> so thole relaxation. notice how he calmed do. when youse two hands, youe telling the dog that you want to control -- little bit of that. >> is okay. >> go for it. come on. >> much beer. thereougo >> like keeping confidence.
8:39 am
let show you. here. you relax here. it alwaysives you much better control. you don't he to walk right away. you ca just stay there and create this relaxation. see the switch? then you make the move. right. so you can do it by steps. slowly. a lot of times when people do it, theyust go really st. >> no matter what, you don't let m lead you through the door you lead through the doorg door >> that's e key. you're rescuing him. you're here to tell h that you are here to lead his life so you n then g rid o everything that happened in the past. >> okay, great. thank you. >> y. >> cesasahen you have a dog who is very, very aive -- >> yes. >> and is pouncing on all -- how do you control him in that kind of situaon, ke my dog was like tt? >> what happens is thanody actually spped and laxed. the mting is not about mong. it about staying the and letting them know tt what you wants relaxation.
8:40 am
most of the people, whathey do is the excitent. , by. remember, you're juseeting this dog for the first time. so you really want toepresent calmness, not excitement. mo of the te what people choose to be is excited energy. they want to create friendship but that dog is not going to have the chance that we're lookg fo you see. a lot of dogs that e rescu are being returd because two weeks later theog was now a nuisance. >>right. >> that first time, you assert calm ergy. >>hat's good to kn. yours is rling over, wants aelly rub. >> if what happened here today is any indication, you've got a long life on this ow, for a long time. cesar,hank you. >> and he's doing okay. head a little scrape on the nose. >> how you reacted to the tuation is more important than whathapppped. >> you c catch "lde of the pack" on nat gech o.
8:41 am
all these dogs are available at north shore animal league and are upor adoption. we'll testome of thoses seen on tv products rst this is "today" c. [ female announcer ] back to school means back to busy mornings.
8:42 am
that's why i got them pillsbury toaster strudel. warm flaky pastry with delicious sweet filling my kids will love. plus i get two boxtops for their school. toaster strudel. the one kids want to eat. mom, pop it. ♪ two inches apart, becky. two inches. t-minus nine minutes. [ ding ] [ female announcer ] pillsbury cinnamon rolls. let the making begin. ♪
8:43 am
back now with "todas" consumer. this morni, those as sn on tv products. you see those fomercia late at n adverting those gadgets. do ty actually work? we've deced t put some of the mostopular ones to e st. andys joining us. >>ood morning, savannah. we've got a bunch of products. we had our staff test them now we have the results. >> i have to learn mor about th. this is theine yolk >> yes. >> if you wear it, you can en -- >> you can wk around. >>eat, et cete?
8:44 am
>> change diapers, whatever. keep your hands free. >> you mig nd a glassf wine. >> it's a gorgeous thing. >> it really is. it's aovely accessory. you're just suosed to walk around with this? >> basically. gingerly. weave it two sta because it's not that attracti. and you have to be ginge with it walk carefully. >> right. you wouldn't want too on a jog. >o,ot so much. >> and you lift and drink whenever? >> put gatorade in the. >> real wine, great. i kw we reached out to the company focommen i don't think they got back to us. >> okay. >> stiy buddy, whats this supposed to do? >> this is gre. it's 3 1 sta, folittle messes like this. take the sticky buddy and go ke this andt picks it . >> is it like a fwlorfied lint roller, basiy? >> bacall but it's bigger and you clean it quickly in war. it stays sticky. >> y put it under water and the stuff washes right f? >> le magic. it's really great. you gave it 3 1/2 stars?
8:45 am
>> we got hair from cesar milan's dogs and it worked on that. >> a lot of folks wi find this to be an appealing ite becse it helps to get the jars -- cans -- lidsff the rs >> all you have to do is press this button i swear all you have to dos press this button and it will pitate thearlid. wonderful little thing. right now it's not quite dng it gave it 3 1/2 stars. it does honestly work. >>ayt's the cold out here metimes. it's on wronhat it is? this thing came off. it's goi to take a little whil >> we' take your word for it. when set u properly, this does work well? >> itdoes. the little key is off t jar the. bu it does work. >> t elderly might -- >> if you havearthritis, if u're a weakling.
8:46 am
tell us about this commercial. >> you put this in there. it's supposed to srt a go of do whater you want to do th caveat heres that if it gets hot the battery compartment n explod >>sn't it supposed to be in hot liquids? >> you're srring hot liquid. that's one of the other problems, too. it limits t size, the amot of luid you can use. >> okay. how many stars would you give it? >> 1/2 stars. >> we reached out for comment, didn't get it back. robo stirrer, ihear, has since been discontinued. >> well, wree with that. lastly, we have the instahang. >> is sort of like a stapler for hammers. you take it like that,ine up the bubble and smack it in there. you really have to smash it i ther >> all right. >> there's this little- >> little pin to hg your picture on. >> little wonderful picture and -- >> perct for a hoho. >> and it hangs like th.
8:47 am
>> that seems to work well. >> well, i does and it esn't. you really have to smash it. also we found thatt thearatus was not to our liking. >> this? you didn't feel wasn't stron enough? >> the sprg wasn't quite strong. sotimes the peg falls out. it jammed occasi. we didn't le it. >> i shouldention the maker of instahang told us the efficiency is mimized when loaded. it replaces the need f multiple helpers and toolshus saving time. >> thankou, savaah. coming up next, martha stewart andome o her favorite meals, coming up. ♪
8:48 am
♪ if loving you is wrong, i don't wanna be right ♪ [ abrupt record scratch, music stops ] what!? it's not bad for you. it just tastes that way. [ female announcer ] honey nut cheerios cereal -- heart-healthy, 100% whole grain oats... and that sweet honey taste. you can't go wrong loving it. bee happy. bee healthy. [ female announcer ] find your favorite and fall in love with the great taste of cheerios.
8:49 am
this morng on martha on "today," we' talkingbout meatless meals. if you tnk that a more vegetable based diet is borg you shouldhink again, out with a brand new cookbook called meatss. martha, good morning. ea to see you. >>f the dogs ate the getarian meals, thewould be better behave >> ieed adrink. iay drink this olive oil.
8:50 am
>> healthy. >>his is a healthier version of mac n cheese. are myids going to like it? they'll love it. kids love occoli. >> ye. >> d your ds love broccoli? >>he do. they really do >> combination of skim lk, little bitf gund m mta for zing, littleit o flour and raw onion. >> easy to ke? yeah. to tt you add parmesancheese, low-fat or skim ricotta. >> cuts down a little me on e calories. >> it does. some salt and pepper. t too much. the paper day, too much salt, you know. we have to cack on salt. >> erything in moderation. >> a eight ounces of fusilli. >> who whe fusilli? >> yes. steamed or blanched broccoli. chop up the stems nice and thin so they're nice and tender. >> you're not bashful with the
8:51 am
broccoli? you put a lot oftin? >> tons. look. it's more broccoli actually than pasta. great. >> once that's don you can put littleitf that in a dish and top it with bread crumbs. >> because kids like textures. >> they do. >> just a tast i wish my daughter,romy, were here to taste this. she's the expert. >> crunchy, healthy, delicious. what do u think? >> good. really go. >> this book is great. what i does is fus all of on eating ls meat if you eatess mt you're probably going t pvent -- or help prevent cancer, heart diase, obesity, nervousness. al kds of things. >> let's move on here ts isust grt, linguini with toasted -- this is cooked. toted almonds. almonds are very gd for u, veryigh source of protein.
8:52 am
lemon zest. lotsfparsle this is a modifiedind of peo. >> it sounds le pest >> but you're not grinding it u with a whole lot of oliveil. lemon jue. pastaater just for moisture. i'm g to sample this e, too. >>tle bit oflmond oil. tae that one, too. what do you think? this is a little harder to eat, but -- >> i love -- don't get it on your beautiful tie. >> i likit because you have a lot of lemon flavor in the. very light. >> crunchy tasty. >> after you. >> this is fun, a stove top pizza. you can make pizza on the ill. we started out years ago. but y can also make it on the stove togrill. i comes out really great and quic too. >> yep. we have piece of yeast dough, pia dough, which you can buy home make >> okay. >> brush that wh a little bit of olive oil, top it with ricotta cheese. >> is it aain course or appetizer? >>ouan eat a whole one, like a main course, with a salad.
8:53 am
it's good. you can grill them and don't forget the branlanching part. i like to blanch them first. top with therilledsparagus. kids can mak their ow >> you d't flip thatver now. >> , no, don't flip it over. d nohis is an avocado bt and orange sad. >> why do you like this baby spinach? >> i love spinh. i love it. i grow a lotf spinach i my greenhouse all winter long and i lo avocado. >> they're in the stores now. oh, sh. i just got back om florida. the are so many avocados. >> talk to me about the dressing room. >> olive oil, two blespoons of orangejuice. >>hat's it? >> yep. beats that have been roasted, peeled and cut up. anadd those rht at the end. >> here is th part of the -- >> i love this. you kw how to get the oranges out of the salad? this almost fee like a
8:54 am
spring saladet it'serfect r this time of year. >> no, no, it'sinter. oranges and beats are wintry. toss thaup. i can use this whole wl. i don't know about you. >> sunflower seeds? as many as youlike. little bit of fresh ground pepper, lt. >> in moderation. >> and croutons. >> ifou want, youan add som crouns.
8:55 am
. good morning to you. 8:56. i'm laura garcia-cannon. crews will be out along the creek in about an hour bracing for some of the coming rain. they will be using sandbags to shore up the levees in east palo alto. heavy rain led to flooding of several homes and businesses and forced the city to declare a state of emergency. want to check the forecast now with meteorologist christina loren. >> showers on the way.
8:56 am
54 degrees at the coast. now, tomorrow morning, few showers coming through the coldest point of the day. we might actually get a dusting of snow down to 1,000 feet. it's looking pretty likely. cold sunshine. hope you have a fantastic day. ♪ ♪ conquer dinner. one cut of meat at a time. the everyday collection. by target. progress-oh!
8:57 am
-oh! -oh! oh! oh! ♪ what do you know? oh! ♪ bacon? -oh! -oh! oh! [ female announcer ] with 40 delicious progresso soups at 100 calories or less, there are plenty of reasons people are saying "progress-oh!" share your story for a chance to win a progress-oh! makeover in hollywood. go to to enter.
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8:59 am
morning, the 9th d of january, 2013. we hav a cwd outside enjoying a bit of warm-up in our cner of rockefeller pl >> including our studio >> it's coming. >> good morning, everybody. i'm savannah guthrie alongside al roke willie geist and natalie morales and jason keedy iback. new ways t grow closer to your partner andreignite the passion and intimacy. >> parenti trends for t new year. yes, parenting apparently can be trendy. from new kind ofarty to welcome ur newbn, baby showers i guess, the inuee of pop culture on y
9:00 am
parentg, turns out there's a >> bow and arrow with the kids? what's that? best tease yet. what'she other part? >> and a "fifty shades of grey" baby om. >> i'm at thend of my rope on that e. plus one baby that's alrdy getting a lot of atntion. the royal by to be. day, duchess ke turns 31. how she be speing the big day? we'll get the latest from across the nd. > first t'get straight to oday's" takethree. joing us again, mr. jon kennedy, of cour. beforee get t our first take, want to poi something out, al. i wasosting a fund-rais for this group that does work with children in mawi there was a live auction ite called do the weather with a i stud. i don'know if you can see righhere. there's thauctioneer. giant picture of al roker' head
9:01 am
behind. the bidding is gng u and up and . it's nr somethingike $2,000 just to meeal and do the weher. >> wow! >> i go up and whisper into e auione's earay throw in a osed-mou kiss with alroker. closed-mou kiss. right up to $2,500, ld. to ahandsome gentlem right up ont. >> i kit! >> have fun with that, al. >> tnk you so much. >> it's a gre group. >> it is. >> you drew a big number. amazing job with this ne an ornization. she really has. >>t'grt. >>nything for a goocause. >> closed-mouth kiss i a flu outbre. right to the flu outbreak, worst in ten years according to flu eerts reported in 41 states,ncluding n york. 15,000 case ki, te elderly are most susceptiblto this. 19 children have dd of this. sharing phones, keoards, staplers, doorknobs, usual culprits. dr. nancy snyderman did a story
9:02 am
last night for "nightly news" and the trauma, emergency rooms are stacked with people. >> tside. >> outside in th parking lot and so emergency rooms have closed new flu cases and are sending them out to other ples. >> and there is still time, we should point out, to getlu shot theye encouraging people to get outhere and do tha i have an appointmt right after the show. >> that'funny. i was feelg guilty. >> wen do everything toth. >> flu shot date >> there's this facebook app for everody who loves social networking. 's the fluapp. basically if someone last night were to post that theyaven't been sleeping llhere not feeling well, even if they go out and party lat -- because apparently if yr partying you're not sleeping. it quarantines these peoplend aler you to stay away from themn the fice, which i think is hilarious. i would just cal i sk cause i don't want to be near them >> so many pple come in,
9:03 am
they're hacking. it's like, stay home. >> we're all guilty -- we've all done it. >> i never call in sk. voice. f us come in with no >> oh, yeah. >> mr. roker. >> whoa! >> great thing about this app, itets youlameomebody and at's gd. >> right when someonwas in, herbert's sick again. all right. spotght on the gu jus how unpopular is congress? a newling survey shows congress ls popular than the following. conoscopies, cockroaches, root canals, france of all things. >>ow! >> if u can believe that. >> even head lice, believet or no on that list. >> thas anher one. i was amazed of the positive numbers on ckroaches, 47%. people like cockroaches? >> who ew? >> cockroach lobby. >> who put this list together? nickelback is on there, meth lab, linds lohan. the kardashians a on there.
9:04 am
>> cs has a higher approval ratg than the kardhians, linds lohan. >>hey are known to d these fun, exotic polls. some peoplhave criticized i but theve made their point. 9% was the number. nuer three, take three. kim kardashian versus duchess these are obvus the t most mous pregnant women on the face of e earth. and appently some pple are ying t sty of kim kaashian is -- rates more with women than that of kate >> i guess according to vogue, they say that wn it comes t influencing fashion that the other name, kim kardashian, is the one who has a greater influence. everybody, of course, waiting to see when kate middleton starts showina littleit more, the ba bump, how she's going to dress inaternity wear. we've actually see a lot of kim kardashian and h she has bn
9:05 am
dressing. it's been a lot of open clothing and very revealing. >> our poll h kate beating kim. >> interesting. i'm kind of surised by that. i tughtvery time kate ddleton wears anhingit flies off thshves and she s s ke this fhion inspiration. >> she wears thingfr past seasons so whe people go to the stores it's been sold out ready so they can't get it anymore. so that waone of the- >> she's thrifty. maybe that's also -- it's a bos for everybody to afford and go buy whatate middleto is wearing. >> let's face it. how mu can the avera person ford to buy what kim kardasan is wearing? >> exactly. exactly. >>ut- >>appy 31st birthday for r. >> kate middleton. let'sour bon bonus take. i think we'll make our way down here. this is an actual thing, we should point out. >> it is? >> to be worn in winter. >> for some. >> we're going to have to work
9:06 am
through this. >> is this a mop? >> >> is this a mop? >> this is a male accessory. >> it has the half ski mask effect. >> we put it on one of our gift guys and they're flying off the shelf. >> really? >> i wear this when i pick up girls. >> you think so? >> what are those for? >> ooh. >> the camera crew is getting into it. ♪ everybody likes a sharp dressed man ♪ >> zz topp. >> five colors, 35 bucks, goes for $34.95. >> if you're evading people, know one will recognize you. al has the right idea. >> that's good. >> kind of an ewok look.
9:07 am
>> jason kennedy, thank you again. >> i'm going to walk over to the news desk. >> you get these to keep your neck warm among other things. >> all right, natalie. >> thanks, guys. in the news this morning, today at the white house, vice president joe biden meets with the gun safety organizations and victims groups as he ramps up efforts to prevent gun violence. he'll meet tomorrow with the nra. president obama wants biden to report back with gun policy proposals by the end of the month. earlier on "today," new jersey governor chris chris stay said mental health and violent video games need to be addressed. matt also asked him about his political future. >> "time" magazine last night bumped someone off the cover, they put this face with the
9:08 am
headline "the boss." with all due respect to the guy we like, bruce springsteen, that's not what they're referring to. they're referring to the fact that this is your time to take the reins of the republican party. >> i'm going to be governor of new jersey. that's my job. the only reason you get this attention is if you're doing your job well and being an advocate for the people that elected you. >> christie also said after losing the last two presidential elections, republicans need to be thinking about doing something different. as many as 50 people were hurt this morning, at least one critically when a commuter ferry in new york city made what is described as a hard documenting in lower manhattan. fire and rescue officials took many of the injured away on stretchers. one passenger said there was a jolt and people went flying. the crowded high-speed ferry was coming from new jersey. the obama administration says it isn't ruling out any option when it comes to drawing down u.s. troops in afghanistan including pulling them all out by december of 2014. for its part, the pentagon says
9:09 am
thousands of troops may be needed there beyond 2014 to contain al qaeda. the u.s. currently has 66,000 troops in afghanistan. president obama meets with afghan president hamid karzai on friday. prosecutors are winding down their case in the preliminary hearing for accused aurora, colorado, movie theater shooter james holmes. on tuesday detectives testified holmes spent more than two months assembling the arsenal used in last july's shooting rampage that killed 12 people and wounded dozens more. witnesses described the booby trap system rigged in his apartment and said he showed bizarre behavior after his arrest, playing with paper bags placed on his hands to preserve gunpowder evidence as though they were puppets. the hearing will determine whether holmes will stand trial. his lawyers have said he is mentally ill. washington's national cathedral will soon perform same-sex marriages. the cathedral's dean calls the
9:10 am
move the next step for marriage equality. that new policy is being announced today. governmentorecasters say last year was america's hottest year on record. for the entire year the average temperature was 55.3 degree, that's a full degree warmer than the old record setback in 1998. at the same time drought conditions hit almost two-thirds of the nation. it turns out we're not as special as we think. astronomers estimate there may be many earth-sized planets in the milky way galaxy. at least 17 billion. the findings don't necessarily mean any other planets are inhabitable. it's 11 minutes after the hour. let's go back outside to al with a check of the weather. >> thanks so much. you never know who is going to come by our window. hey, that looks like laura deern. it is laura deern. >> it's a little hbo promotion. it's coming back. i was doing "morning joe."
9:11 am
willie is not here, i wish i could say hi. i saw him through the window and tried to wave to you guys. >> hbo spent a lot of your promotion. >> they did. richard actually helped me make this sign. >> it says watched "it lean en /* enlightened." >> i'm crazy and start to get it together. this season i blow the whistle on a major american corporation. please tune in. >> you were just going to go get coffee. do you want to come inside for a little bit? >> sure. laura deern is going to come inside. let's get the weather going and we'll get laura out of the pen. >> as natalie just mentioned, this is the second warmest year on record, 3.2 degrees above the century average. look what's going on in texas. big storm system bringing a lot of rain. talking tons of rain. we've got flash flood watches and warnings all over southern texas on into louisiana and
9:12 am
parts of mississippi. in the next 24 hours looking at three to five inches of rain. flooding going to be a big problem. pacific northwest has a big storm system as well. that will bring a lot of r 9:13. if she was in san francisco, she'd be admiring the thick, low clouds. we do have some really good fog out there this morning. it's not going to burn off. in fact, we're going to see the clouds continuing to increase. the clouds are going to get darker and darker. showers on the way as of tonight. 56 for fremont and 56 degrees in san francisco. we do have a chance for some low snow in the bay area. down to 1,000 feet. that means twin peaks in san francisco. fair game for some flurries. >> that's your latest weather. they telle you have to g sirius r. who are you lkg there? >> i d't know. >> just comeith us. come on. let's go back. who am i going back to? >> willie. >> i'm bringin laura dern ino say hi.
9:13 am
>> little guerrilla marketing from laura dern. al, thanks so much. five new ye's resolutns to rekindle the fire in 2013. ighs) this is togo. hi. jo stamos. enchanté this is too good to be te. dannon oos non-fat yogurt... delious yet hethy. sounds t good to be true there are things that are togood tbe true... thick, camy, wh 0% fat and twice the protein... such as dannon oikos of regar low-fat yogurt mmm huh. i wantn kos! dannon oikos greek non-fat yogurt. be so nutritious. too delious dannon vo: r coldnd flu season, honey, don't use yr eeve there's clorox bleach. .no .
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[ crch! ] ..f whe grain fiber that helps keeyou full. it's a big breakfast... [ crunch] ..n new a littleiscuit. smile! ohhh bring it in! ooohhhooh! so we've got a new way of booking the show, al. >> that's right. people show up at the window. >> just show up at the window and we'll put you on the show. >> yes, america, this is what you need. just stand out there and you will end up coming inside. >> with a hand made sign preferably. >> it has to be a thin sharpy. if it's bold, it's too promotional. >> second season of "enlightened" starting sunday night. debbie, our producer, is a huge fan. natalie is a huge fan. >> and you won the golden globe last year for your role. >> i know, it was so great. >> what is it like when you've got a show like that that people are so passionate about? >> well, it's incredibly exciting particularly because everyone keeps saying, you know, we don't know what she's going to do next. and it's wonderful, subversive
9:17 am
tactic but she does in fact become a whistleblower this season in her american corporation. so, you know, just when you think it's dangerous to let someone have a voice, in fact you are right, but really great things can happen ultimately. so it's a lot of fun. >> you join a list that includes james brown, shaquille o'neal and george who showed up at the window. >> and laura dern. >> yeah. >> which of these things is not like the other? >> so "enlightenment" sunday night? >> sunday night, 9:30. >> hbo. >> so great to see you guys. >> so happy to see you. >> now over to natalie. thank you, guys. this morning on "today's relationships" rekindling the romance. new year's resolutions aren't just about losing weight or kicking a bad habit, they're a great way to energize your sex life. dr. laura berman is here.
9:18 am
great to have you back. >> nice to be here. >> you say this is a good time. a lot of people make new year's resolutions. we should be practicing this year round and really encouraging us to take a good look at our relationships? >> absolutely. you always have to kind of revisit the natural course of every relationship with our busy lives kind of veer off course and it's important to reenergize things, especially if you want a long-term monogamous relationship. >> what do you think the problems couples are having? >> we get lazy, we get busy. that can go on the back burner. there are simple things you can do, you know, right now to jump start things, to recommit, that don't take a lot of work but they do take commitment. >> five resolutions starting with set a weekly date night. >> you've heard this before but i'm not talking about ray weekly date night where you go to the movies or out with five other couples. this is a date night where you're talking about things other than diapers or the bills. you have to find things to discuss, which a lot of couples
9:19 am
think what would we do sitting across the table with nothing to talk about. talk about where you see yourself in ten years or your dream vacation you'd still like to take or five things your partner does that makes you feel loved. a lot of people unfortunately are letting those date nights go by the wayside. they say they'll do it and they don't. in fact if you take a vacation alone together, a few days once or twice a year alone, that does more for your intimacy and connection than even a weekly date night. >> when you go on that vacation or you should do this more often as well, you say share your fantasies with your partner. what are you talking about? >> well, we get scared about that so you have to create rules of the road. we're not going to judge one another. share the ones you'd like to act out together. agree to write them down and put them in a box and once a month pull one out and try it out and it's a way to keep things energized and interesting. >> and start kissing again really quickly. >> kissing, this is a big one for women especially. because kissing goes by the wayside in the long-term
9:20 am
relationship. if you do what i call nondemand kissing where you can just kiss for a while with no expectation of it going anywhere else, you will see a spike in -- especially in the woman's libido. if you give each other a ten-second kiss twice a day rather than that quick peck walking in and out of the door, that does a tremendous amount for your connection and sort of keeps those fires -- women have to be especially at a slow burn. they can't go from zero to 60. >> dr. laura berman, great advice as always. more resolutions for couples on our website as well. thank you. coming up, how "fifty shades of grey" are influencing actually parenting trends for the new year. but first these messages. nds fo new ar rst these messages. hmm, we need new game. ♪ that'll save the day. ♪ so will bounty select-a-si. it's the smaller powerful sheet. the only one with trap + lock technology.
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9:24 am
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9:25 am
good morning to you. 9:26 now. i'm laura garcia-cannon. san francisco police investigating an overnight shooting and stabbing. the stabbing happened just before 3:15 this morning on connecticut street. the victim was stabbed in the chest but is expected to survive. no one is under arrest. now, almost two hours earlier, police responded to a shooting down the street near the intersection of connecticut and 25th. that victim was shot in the foot. he's now in the hospital and is expected to survive. no suspects have been arrested. we have an update this morning on injured giants' fan brian stow. his family say that he's recovering from recent hip surgery and is in constant pain which has slowed down his physical therapy. despite his skull and brain
9:26 am
beating, his health is improving. his family adds they are extremely thankful because they were all able to spend christmas together. we're going to take a quick break. we'll have a look at weather and traffic right after this.
9:27 am
welcome back. the time now is 9:28. we have a cold day and there's rain on the way. 54 in livermore. 56 right here in san jose. 55 in oakland. and right here as we get throughout the morning hours, temperatures are going to remain cool. look at this, 5:00 p.m. wednesday the showers arrive. that's not even the most interesting point to this story. we stop the clock for you between 3:00 and 7:00 when temperatures are at their coldest. rain showers moving on shore. that means that the precipitation will fall down to 1,000 feet. we'll be talking about that here tomorrow. >> it seems like it died down quicker these last few days. that's good news because the bay bridge had a lot of backup.
9:28 am
they turned off the metering lights a short time ago. low clouds but visibility is okay for much of the patches. there you go. so concord and walnut creek. north 101 slow coming into mountain view. a disabled vehicle cleared at 185. again, 237 continues to recover through the area. here's fremont. you can't really see it. traffic is light but visibility is an issue. >> you heard
9:29 am
oh, baby. cebrity by watch in high gear, kim kardashian, jessica simpso of course, the duke and duchess of cambdge. celebrity baby names getting a lot of tention. at least one wte has predicted the newoyal will be victoria elizabeth. >> assuming it's a girl i know. from adelaide to olive, what were the hitndmisses? l take a look at tomorrow on "today." >> you've got to get thatn camera. do it again. hey, olive. >> wouldn't it be great if it was a boy a the named him blut >> no. it is the bigay for the duchess of caridge,
9:30 am
moer-to-be turng and the whole world is watching waiting for a glimpse of tt baby mp. wel ll you wha to expect from the royal while she expectg. >> she might be intested in some parenting trends for 2013. turns ou showe are out. >> huh? s and sees are back. >> what? >> where you have drink and go and see the baby. >> and archy, fro the hr games. >> iateally good idea? >> not that brd of archery se >> magnetic bow and arrow. >> okay. if you rolve to eat althier this year we have a nutritious alternave ofome of your favoritcomft foods, burgers, shakes and cookies. n't wait. >> but hilt, righlt, right? >> yes. >> you haveost it today. it's official. >>ot of rn and showers.
9:31 am
wet weather through the lower gulf. heavy rain and snow in the pacific northwest with windy conditions, pnty of sunshine here in the northea and new england. then for tomorrow, a lot more rain setching fro the upper midwest all the way through the misssippi river valley. more snow tough the central and northernplains. wiy 9:32 on a wednesday morning. mostly foggy conditions. skies turning gray as we've got an area of low pressure on the way. this is san francisco. you have pretty good visibility right at the surface. however, temperatures are cold and they are going to stay cold throughout the day. 55 degrees is all we're expecting in places like oakland. 53 for concord. 57 in wine country. 57 in santa cruz. showers start up as we head through the evening hours and tomorrow morning when temps are alt their coldest, snowfall at 1,000 feet. latest weher. >>al, thanks. upnext, the nest trends
9:32 am
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9:36 am
this mni on parenting oday a look at the biggest parentingrends for 2013 from a if shades of " baby omo vintage parties, no shortage of spiration l around. hello, kelly. >> hello. good to see you. >> t's a baby boom because ofheseooks? 's r >> it's al more than 50 million books sold. lots of womeneading it. guwh, willie, they're saying they're having more sex withheir husbands. more sex, more babies. e just wondering if we're going to have more babs named anastasia an chrtian aft the chief antagonis in the book. >> are thehe unghis as a -- it's getti them little excited. >> you're giddy talking about
9:37 am
it. >> i rd three. let's move on. >> we covered the olympics andn archy was huge. it w becauseple couldn't get enough of it. >> is so popular. in part becaus right,"the hunger games," total sensation wi teens and twns ey saw kaiss using a bow and arrow. nowhat age? 8 a ove. make suryou're going to a class taught by a regte archy instructor >> startith the suction cups before wmove on to the rows, right? >> extly. >> this is interesting. sort of apalyptic pants, disaster prepar is thireally end? >> it's not as if parents are saying, oh, my god, end of the world is comin but we s superstormandy, hurricane iren this is a real thi. justyou're talking tyour kids about sanger danger and firen a house, people are getting thesemergency cks. from blackmblla. this one by 800-epare.
9:38 am
yoget first aid kits, waterproof mahe it's the kind of thinghat it's not just in califnia where people are saying thate could have a earthquake. people are preparing for eryday wt ifs and this seems to be a tnd thisyear. >> they come prepacked? >> exactly. they'repreparing, getng batteries,enerators in ce th see what haened to a lot families after sand >> probably ad id. let's move on to -- >> yes. >> out with the old by shower. >> don't youish thatas the case with yourids? >> i have to say i didn'atte most of them. i found football games to watch. >> instead of a shower, you have a p and see. people cee the baby. >> these are yours, by the way. >> my little ones wn they were born. and you can p, he a lite champagne, little chardonnay. this is for people whoave a lot of out-of-town pfamily who want to come and see thebaby
9:39 am
if you're having your second and third, you alrdy have a lot of stuff, this is way to lebrate the baby a t mom even t dri a ltle chardonnay or cmpagne as we. >> the difference is no gifts. it's just a party? comeee the by >> well, it's -- >> little more low key? >> gifts are still part of it bu the question is before t babys born or cing to see the baby after. >> whee baby is older, viage birthday partie >> youe seeing thi in social media. nostalgia is in. everytng reo seems to be back in agai ople are alway lookingor themes forheir parties. you see ese themes like sock monkeys, old-ioned ice cream truc and also vintagetoys. don't you remember these golden books wh you wereust a little boy ahort te ag >> of course. of crse. >> it's bringing the vintage toys, vintage food vinge theme. it reallyoes seem like retro is back in again. >> more youan do yourself th more fun it is
9:40 am
>> exactly. exactly. >> inow you're very eited about this. >> diylesigns for tweens. you realou my t ot re. >> your area of expertise. diy nail art, very, very big in 2012. super big withadults. and it'sind of n surpre that the teens are trying to do a little bit of what t alts also you dghter is still very young, so is mine. they're t wearing make, right? they're not wearg jewelry. they can st of paint their nails and do designs. animals, flowers, rhinestones, glter. it's so big especlly on social sites le tumbler and pintest. see it's getting bigith the tweens as well. >> i learn something new eve day. good to see you. >> great to see you. >>ou can get t ente list, part of the nbc news family. >>kate, the duchess of cambridge, has a lot to celebre as surns 31 years old today. at right after this.
9:41 am
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[ female announcer ] hamburger helper ronoff. beefy. creaea strogoffy. helpers. fortdies, all delicis. do you often experience the feeling of a dry mouth beefy. creaea strogoffy. it can bthe side effect of many medations. dry mouth cabe frustrating... and ignoring it can lead to... sipping water can lp, but dentists rommend biotene. biotene moisturizes and lps supplement some of saliva's enzymes, providing soothing reliewhen you need it most. don't ignore dry mouth... look for biotene in your oral care secon today this has been difacts fo biotene. the freshenator. the buddy system. the do si go. the two-handed tango. el cleaño. [ male announcer nothing lees you feeling cleaner and fresher an the cottonelle care routine. try it. then name . ♪
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♪ dominatehat pta bake sale. the evay colction. by target.
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9:45 am
giftf her first child and n one, but two palati homes, one ofhich actually is a palace. prate tim f h day.l steal some that might be her most precious gift right now, as the birth of their royal heir approaches. the wor watching, their lives about to change. as thrifty and normal akate's image has been, she's aut to make major p pncs ve, literally. in just a fewmonths, she and wiiaare expected to move into a 20-roo apartment here at kensington pace. for kate, that mns a major redecoration project,includ of course, a nursery. but another enormou psents expected toome from the queen, another dreamhome. this bedroom country eate giving will andelus one, one more escape fromn ever brighter spotlight.
9:46 am
it has been intense. top fashioeditor lisa armstrongritefor "vogue" which tracks all the duchess' fashion. she see to for blue. and thege diameter of her curls, 2.5 centeters. does it matte to aone and why does anye care so mu? exactly. because e reprents us. because unlike practically every other woman or any other person in the world, we have accs a ter account or website, she has no public voice. she ismute. so often her clothes arehe ly way she has to communicate. >> reporr: just the planet tched her style convey the image of britain -- >> i will be reay interesting toee howhe conveys thaha bump. and then, of course, what the chiswearing. will she do the princess dieiana thg of putting them in the baseball caps? >> reporter:onvied that even now kate is makin her o decisions. >> if th stylists were picking
9:47 am
out the clothes, they would not puthe shoes at she wears with them. i mean -- >> that's the tetale sign >> i thinkhat's thetelltale sign. but that is what makes itwork. >> reporte kate will also have her first official portrait unveed this ye. theris a kind of odd birthday worry, though. today in northern ireland in honor of kate the british flag will be flowabove belft cit hall, an issue that's used serious unrest thereat many will watchinthat, hoping this day is as peacefu as it is uncharacteristicly sunny and beautiful. natalie? >> michelle kosinski in london, thank u. coming up next, burgers, shakes and cookies. but you'll actuallyeel good about eating. first this is "tod" on nbc.
9:48 am
(woman) 3 days of walking to give a break cancer survivor a lifetime-- that's definitely a fair trade. whoo! you walk with friends, you meet new friends, and you keep those friendships. it was such a beautiful experience. (jessica lee) ♪ and it's beautiful ♪ undeniable (woman) why walk 60 miles in the boldest breast cancer event in history? because everyone deserves a lifetime. visit to register or to request more information and receive a free 3-day bracelet today.
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♪ building up from deep inside it was 3 days of pure joy. susan g. komen's investments in early detection and treatment have helped reduce breast cancer mortality in the u.s. by 33% since 1990. help us continue serving the millions of women and men with breast cancer who still need us every day. register for the 3-day now. (woman) it's just been an amazing, amazing journey. i love these people. ♪ and it's beautiful thisorningn "today's" kitchen, wt's on the menu? a healthy twist of bgers and
9:50 am
shakes. a registed holistic nutritionistnd author o "must have been n mething ate. peggy, good moing. >> good morning. >> what's a holistic nutritionist? >> basically we take real foods and real ingredients to make you feel ang ery single day. >> and one of those -- >> very natural. >>ou want to feel good but also want t have comfort food. >> yes. we wanoindulge. >> youaveealthy versis burgers and shakes? >> yes. we're dng a burger and we're doing a veggie burger,sing quinoa and beans. we have black beans and white beans. i'm ing to pulse these up. >> are these canne ans? >> they are. yo can use fresh bns if you want as well. they'rhigh in fiber. if you want to lose weig, mak sure you inrporate a lot of fiber intoour diet >> they have protein. >> fiber a protein and owe meme omega areimpoant. theyas through your bodyhen digested n adding a l of calories. cilantro and onions.
9:51 am
extr virgigi oliveoi d we're adding some quinoa and quinoa flak. >> is this cooked? >> it is. this is glutenfree. it gives you the belly bloat. you want to sli down, try to avoid at. cumin, cayee pepper whi vs up you metalism. it's aming. salt, little pinch. i mixed some cheeds with water. like that you spray on the chia pet? >> exactly, exactly. you mix that with war. >> i should puthat on my head. >> you can. it will gr. it's great egg substitu. you don't want to use egg, you can e is. it's really hh inomega 3s, which is great for weit loss as well. it hel to mobilized stored fat. get that in there. give it a little pulse. like that. >>e'll do that.
9:52 am
>> what we have is a little paste he. thiss r veggie burger. i'm gog scoop some i your nd. >> okay. >> you can form littletypattys. before i do that, i have some cot oil, melted coconut oil. >> why cocon oil? >> it can withstand higher temperatures. and it's really gd for weight loss as well. it can aid i your weight loss if used fectely. >>t smellse a pena colada he. >> smells really good. >> how lon do youook them? >> eight minuteseser side. u want it nuntil it's brown. bring ese over here to dress up our rgers. >> now iou want to cutore calories, holloout the n? >> yes, jt like so in italy, theust hollow it out. these are grain buns. if you want to further reduce
9:53 am
calori. >> and go gluten free. you can u lettuce as a bun. >> wt's this? you can spread it on topf ur burger or n, eitr wa it a le bit of goat's cheese, chipotle peppers, caps krlc in that revs up you metropolitmetabolism. >> and better shakes, healthier shakes. >> we haveomstrawberri, me coconut milk 's very low calorieut really rich tasting. we add som sunflors. and it looks like this. you want to try that >>absolutely. and t cookies. >>quoa, cacao nibs. the greater caloric burn y have. >> delicious. >> raerries, banana, coconut
9:54 am
milk. >> all the recipes in o weite. >> yeah. >> tha you so much. >> thank you f having me. >> still to ce tomorrow, millionaire matchmaker, patty stanger. >> sounds good. first ur local news >> hoda and khie lee coming up. [ crickets chirping ] [ traffic passing ] ♪ [ music box: lullaby ] [ man on tv, indistinct ] ♪ [ lullaby continues ]
9:55 am
[ baby coos ] [ man announcing ] millions are still exposed to the dangers... of secondhand smoke... and some of them can't do anything about it. ♪ [ continues ] [ gasping ] good morning. it's 9:56. a woman facing charges in the death of a millionaire will be in court today. raven dixon is accused of the murder of robby inside the mansion. she's charged with prostitution,
9:56 am
furnishing a controlled substance and being an accessory in the death. prosecutors have not revealed how she is connected to the other three suspects all charged with murder. let's go ahead and take a look at the forecast with meteorologist christina loren. >> we have a much cooler day ahead. temperatures are going to drop off by 10 to 15 degrees. 56 degrees for livermore. 56 in gilroy and 57 degrees right here in san jose. a chance for snow showers as we meet back here tomorrow morning. part of the potent winter storm system. it's going to bring us a lot of cold air. so it progresses tonight throughout tomorrow morning and may see snow. the best chance for that is at the coastline, potential for some snow in san francisco. highs today are going to be cool. even cooler for tomorrow. let's check your drive with mike. >> over here, this is where it
9:57 am
might slow, south bay in parts because of the lower clouds and fog kicking in. the lighter traffic is now kicking in. it's not playing a factor. be careful on the surface streets as well. this is the area approaching 101 on the south. north of 880. it looks all right. slowing after the earlier disabled rig cleared. we have a crash north of 85. slowing coming from 237 through the area. we'll also look over here towards the peninsula with slowing south 101. not a big issue. live look outside shows you emeryville and off of the bridge down to university. marla, back to you. >> mike, thanks so much. we'll be back with our next weather update at 10:26. we'll see you then.
9:58 am
9:59 am
from nbc news, this "today." with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in ckefelr plaza. hey, everybody. yeah, it winless wednesday for the first time in history. january 9, 2013. wee happy you're here. we're suging a lile. >> no, we' not. here'shat we're doing.. look at my drink. >> yes. >> this is areen drink, and we'reoing to dcuss it. but fir of a focus othe number. 28 days untilhere will be nothing green in this glass again, will be wine. we're doing a a countdn. >> this is my friend she g it from another friend, she didn'
10:00 am
take credit for it but i'm giving hercredit. >> what is it? >> fresh spinac nana, piple juice, mt leaves, andice. if you want the whole sha bang, go o our websit it's really delicious. first time i wasik i don think so, b then i wante it every single day. >> really delious. we'r getting a lot ofwitter feedback on ouriving up wine from the show. cheryl wrote, giving up wine, i never thought you ladies wer quitte. >> once inawhile you take o for theteam. jimmy fallon hasn't heard the news, just across the street. we were mentioned in a scial golden globes edition of jimmy's pr and cons >> let's listen. >> mat lauer and savannah guthrie will hosthe golden globes special. hodand kathie lee will host the golden globes aer party
10:01 am
booze cruise. that's the o want to be at. >> that's the on exactly. who wants to be at the first one? didn't the huffington post say something funny? >> we're tryg to g our aphics together this has a lot o buzz >> lots of buzz. oh, there iis. hell fez over. lookt you dumng that last bit of we into the glass. >> cu >> all right then. >> there's been quite the dus up or a butiful young lady who was in eudience wating her boyfriend play football against nre dame. th quaerbackor the alabama de sh did not know the cameras were on her. herhonesn't workin th's her, andhe woman t her little is his motherf her a so appently just thishot g a lot of attentio but wt got more atttion was brere musburger's commentary.
10:02 am
>> along with the other guy in the booth. let'sisn. >> you quterbacks you get all the good-lookingwomen. what autiful woman. if you're a yngster in alabama, start getting the football out and throw it around the backyardith pop. >> now she's also ms. alabam she' been dating a.j. mccarron since the early part o december. >> less than amonth. a month and change. >> yeah, yeah they loo like they are hing a nice tim together, whichs great. she' a beautiful girl. sterda espn apolized, h surpred an awful lot of pele, because fm -- younow how everything is relati, hoda, the stuff we haveherd, the vitriol that's come out of many people' mouths and they've ther been fired orspended, this did neemalicious or vulgar. e a beautifulgirl, and i ink if it hadt been a 73-year-old man sayin it, know, boomer esiason had said it
10:03 am
orack buc, you know, i don't but that'sexism in a weird way. i don't think she was offended, so why should anybody els be? >> i thinkt wa a little weird. why, ough? >> you say it once, i kd of getit. then whenhere's retition, it gets little creepy. the weird thing that happened wa this gl became the focus. her boyfrie won this game in a blou peoplere like, yeah wt's theoyfriend -- i h to loo when you said name, mccarn. no y know the girriend's name, cathere, but don't know the boyfriend' she sor of gotll t attention. their team w the title in a smear, but i get it. smear. >> when there's a blowout -- gros when there's a blowout like that, there't athg to talk about in the booth. >> first of all, she is a beautifu girl. whatre you supsed to say when youee a visn like that? that's what everybody ee was thinking. the oer thing is unless
10:04 am
you've been in a booth calling those kinds of blowouts, you are looking for anythin and everything to pass t . you're tryg to entertain people andrying to have a little fun witthe guyou're woinwith. metimes i doe -- i don't know. what did she say about it? e td matt s dn't think it was a big deal, so why should we? let's listen >> i thinkhe media has been really unfair to him. i think that i he would he said something along the lines at we we hot or sexier or made any derogatory stemes like that, i think that wld have been a little bit fferen buhe facte saidwere beautifulnd gorgeous,on't know why any woman wouldn' be flattered d ke that. >>irst of all, i wishomeone said and sexy to me. ally? thank you! again, everything's relative. that one i didn't catch the first time, i cauthi ti, . >> they were only tking about r. >> who ishe thinkg of
10:05 am
>> i feel bad foris mom,ho by the way is, i think, rgeous she'his mother. >> watch it. wee going to have to apologiz he didn't g anyattention. lookt the m. >> can we get shot otammie, please? anthy, would you leaveer alone to take shot of her? >>he looks great. jt like tammie. ne mtioned her. taie, see? no mention othe mom. they knew the mom was next to her. >> everythins lative, hoda diffence between 15 or 20 years is wt we live in that kind of a society. >> at 73an't you think someone in her late 30s, t mom in her0 is beautil, too? >> he wn't looking at her. >> he should ha. >> he didn't he >> she was next to her. >>oda -- >> what? what? wh is thepoint? >> she's not offended, so if
10:06 am
e's not, t object of it, we should just lax. >> it's silly espnapologized >> espnas had historyn that regards,hey ar trying to preempt any trble. >> that's when you start stutter stepping. >> dw moretention. ifnybody should have ologized, it was brent musburger. >> done. >> well, maybe he shld. >> he's a nice guy. he's a nice y. let's move on to mye. are woing to buckhe trend and call them kimnd kanye? thats offensive some people, too. kimye? >>no, some people bei ruced as a couple. you want to issue yet anothe apology? no, i d'to those. kim and kanye, you kn, are prnant. now they are lkingt this home -- is that a hair? wishe had some wine to wash i down. anyway,he word ishey bought
10:07 am
an $111 million fixer upper. only in bel air, baby. >> whato you do -- c i just sa with all that space,sn't there a saying that says love grows bes in small places? that's too g. how do y even communicate with oneanother, where are you, i'm in the third wi, what, what? >> again, if they' made their money themsees thehave the right, hoda, to choose the way they want to live. >> 10,000. how are you ing to find your spouse in 1000 sare feet? >> it's calledn intercom. i don't ow. u know it's hard for a lot of it's hard for a lot of people who are t to put bread on thei tables to see thi kind of excess. may t be excess to them. maybe they can easily, easily afford it, maybe t tre's a $40 million next drhey could have affded as well. ths the one they picked. bu to a psonookit it, it's hard. times are really, reallyar
10:08 am
forpeople. >> i agree. iagree. younow whoimes are really for? >> who? >>ance armstron i'mtunned about this informatio we wer talking about this yesterda we never got to this in our, wwere doing ings, there's a lot of corovey if he should come clean if hwasoping during the seven tour derance wi, so he'soing toalk to oprah. >>hat was a big veal, and he and oprah have a history. he'see on herhow several times, now he's on own. i'll curious hertone. >> s own own. >>'ll beurious how she's going to bealking to him. she's known to do tough interviews and didhat with the gu who wrotehe book "a million little es." if lance armstrong i going t say he w doping, he has misled ot of people. >> it will get huge ngs, but
10:09 am
here's the thing, we were talking the other y, what is to beaid from him admitting it? he gng to open himself up , obviously, maybe he's just trying to clear his name, but thissust going to confirm what people have been saying he's goingoave financial prprms becse perps repay money in the lawsuitshat he had that he won. he mht owe millions to the differt people that he won in court against. he mig have t repay p money. he mig have to give back money at wasiven to livestrong. >> a lot of mone >> what's goingo be intereing, for me, is his reason. >> i d't know, he s he wants toompete aga and even if you're notompeting for big stakes or b bucks, maybe he wants to beble tetut and try ain. who knows. >> if they are sing almos everybody's ding inhat indust, which lot ofple allegings well, if he's going to be the only one not
10:10 am
doping, it's going to be a now we're going to rep yesterday's show. e final corie numbers are ,ecse we were burng calories throughout the show, allour lo, even commercial breaks we worked out. totals are here. i have 224.had 306. >> look at my leg and loo a yours. i'm doing two pps to every one of yours. >> got ort, stubby st-menopaul leg aou are an egyptngoddess. i have to work harder. then i have to go on atwo-le walk. >> did you walk afterthat? of course, i did. a platinum music country music icon. >> author, actress, activist. >> we're going to chat with grammy winner -- she's eatin that? >> just r show, naomi! mom, can i have a trea pleeeeeeeease?
10:11 am
pleeeeeease... [ femannouncer ] ]etty crocr fruit flored snas.pleee. le than 100 calories and made with real fruit pleeeeeeeease... thanks mom! [ female announcer ] betty crocker fruit flavored snacks.
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♪ country mus supersr naomi dd hit t music scene as one hof the duo the judds. >>aomi is here today. she's in a mu movie playin rasi and manipative mother-in-law called "the newly weds." >> let's see -- d it ain. >> back up and come back in.
10:15 am
o steps. >> come back ai >> now tt you did it that way, maybe not. >>t's m big cousins. >> you mean tm or ? >> how are you, ba >> how's your mom and them? i n't knowhy ialk like this when i'mround you guys. how much you get for that? >>ow you? >> i'm a very happy girl. >> you are. >> tell us why, what'she secr? >> well, first of all, i get to on this very adorable movie hallmark channel.ght on the you know, to get in the role, i kind of pretended i was betty white a lite drunk. >> a woman, an actress, a fine actress needs to find herole somewhere. >> you know i am a classically trained actress. >> i ow when thinkfyou, i think of
10:16 am
vanessa. >> you play the mom. these three gir thoughthey were maied, but tur out they really weren't. the preacr die befor ty signed their -- tell us about yourole a littlbit. >> you know, carl young used to say we have a shadow side, i have ay dark shadow side.. it was so stinking much fun. >> it has to be. th b girl is the most fun role. >> havyou done at? >> yes, so muchn. >> she ds it here every day. >> it's much more fun to be the old cranky on >> in real life, you know this lady's the hicopter mom. she's really a smother. >> tt's go. >> in rl life, i have finly learned to be like it. come when i'm called. >> is that right? >> is working. you know me a lgtime. >> i know, iknow. >> lot o therap >> you are crazy. i like your voic. >> tt's why we love it. >> i have to go ahead and say
10:17 am
this l my girriends backome in tennessee asd me lt ght, because you know how carroll buett used to do this? they want me to say hi. they try to watch evething i on. so doing this or this, you know, is way too -- so i may do somethg. >> that's a little bit whacky? >> so if do it -- >> twitch or something weird. >> tell usbout your dghter runnin againstitchcconnell >>here you go. we got to play trivia. we gotoear it, is yr dahter going to run against mitch mcconnell? very important. >> brandi's cat happened t walk by with a hairballike at th's good. >> is she or is s not? >> dateline hoda. >> dying to know, dying to know. >> i don't know. and you kno i would t you if i knew. i would be like spr tanning it over overpasses and water
10:18 am
wers we really d't know. >> wll wait and see on that. >> b i can sa if s was, she'd be so perfect, because ashley is very tranarent. she wl tell y the h. she les kentucky our peopl in kent. >> you have a birthy coming up, we heard a rur, friday. we're going tolay a birthday trivia ge with you,ere we go. >>tumpnaomi, go. >> who was the u.s. predent in 1946. you get choices, do you want ur mulple choice? >> i think want choices. >> abraham lioln, harry s. tran, or benjamin frankl? >> trum. if you can't stand t heat,et out of the kitchen. >> name theumber one so by marvin gaye. >> got to be "grapevine." ♪ i'm a genius, i'm a genius. >>ustralian pop singer cy
10:19 am
simpson was also bor on january 11th,ut ofhat ar? >> if she doesn't know >> i have no stiing idea. >> looks like ild. > i don't know who jason bubber- >> the answer is97. >> you knowhe thing about him, t thing that just happ, the good new is next year he won't he toorry about paparazzi. >> why? >> adults over 19 kw he'll be gone. >>okay. i don't understand m not that t. >> ding commercial break, we're going t giv her her basket of goods. i was just tol we can't. >> holy ly. >> all you favorite things. >> we gotll kin of things. >> "newly weds" this surday night on th hall channel.
10:20 am
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my time shine is the smoked plepo. i think it's done brosep prty much got it down to a scnce... pret much. we also really like a t pulled porsandwich even when we can't make the game. yoruined it! me people even like it better. really? yep. [ ma announcer new rving boarpulled pork, get that delicious slowd taste witht the hassle. 's gamtime fd. it's oscar mayer. has oats tt can heower cholesterol? and it tastes good? sureoes! wow. it honey makes it taste so. well, would you look at the time... what's the sh be happy. be healthy. it's wednday, and you know what that means. what the what. we look at all the photos you nt inhat makes you take a double take. it tk about fiv minutes. >> i love you guys. okay, our first photo comesro >> that's great.n, arizona.
10:23 am
>> got balls, we do. >> that wins. at good. >> jry from hampto connecticut, submitted thi o. >> that's clever. >> we got som lital sig people. nextup, a pho from encinitas, california that wou have been a serving for fruit for you guys, butou have 28 mor ys got to stick with the gr. >> thoughtless. >> thank you, little bit of a teaseere. laurie from las ves,nevada, sent us this oto, if is in stock, we have it. if it's n in ock, you can fi that onen your own. finallhis photo. if you c't figure that ou you probably shoul be operating heavy machinery, aged? >>ove it. good job, sara. up next, we're going to tell you whyow may be t bt time to make yourfortune. caesar milan is here. we h puppies in r future. looking good
10:24 am
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10:26 am
a player must receive 75% of the vote to get inside cooper's town. we'll take a look at the forecast and the roads after the break. ♪
10:27 am
secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it. welcome back. the time is 10:28. we have a cold winter storm moving in. it might bring in dusting of snow to twin peaks in san francisco as of tomorrow morning. today's highs are going to be much cooler than yesterday.
10:28 am
54 degrees, increasing clouds throughout the day. 54 degrees in san jose. we'll show you which cities might just get some snow right here in the bay area. tomorrow, today at 11:00. good morning, mike. good morning. no problems across the golden gate bridge. in the north there are low clouds into marin county. north of there, reports of a car fire and moving to the shoulder, it may affect the lanes as a crew should be on the scene. sounds like the car was fully engulfed. moving slowly towards the high-rise, you can't see. traffic is fine along the peninsula. 101 on the peninsula at palo alto shows you a good deal of traffic. mountain view pass, 237, earlier incident there but all has cleared from the highway. back to you. >> thank you, mike. more of the day's top stories coming up in just 30 minutes.
10:29 am
we hope to see you again at 11:00. we're bac on this wless wednesy with more o toda time to play who knew. all e stars will be out i l.a. this sundayor the golden ob so what better way to kick off the awards season than testing youknowledge of the big sh. kath lee is going toe $100 to tseho get the question righ and those who don get herwe cd. helping me outver here is the all-around fungu tim stack, who also hapns to behe se wrir at"entertainment wely." >> thas righ and loo like an f, apparently, to merit vieira. >> he's my favorite el all right, you're from buffalo, right, ma'am? >> correct. >> celebrang her 30thedding anniversary. which dynamuo isosting the golden globes awards this year?
10:30 am
know knowhe answer -- or hoda kb and me? >> b. >>yes. you're t. is helping you. >> tina feyey and amy ehr. the promos aperfect. >> such goo friends and they are both nominat f best actress i comedy seri. tina for "30 rock" and amy for arks and c." they are going to be hilaris. fferent from ricky gervs, who is meaner. >> what the only film to win th goldeobe in allive major teri? >> o help. we'll goith "godfather." >> no, no, n
10:31 am
>> not such a g husband. the correct answers "one flew over the cuckoo's nest." >> they both won five but didn't win best actress. that's the diffen. one flew overhe cuco's nest n best actress in this css movie about the loony bin. >> back. >> all right, sir, wch film ceived the most nominations at this year's golden globe ards? >> les miserables? >> no. he looked dippointed until w. >> the correctnswer there, lincoln. >> yourfavorite,ou love it. best pict best director, be acess, sallyfield, love
10:32 am
sallyfield, and best screen play. >> is this going to do well? >> i think so. thursday a the oscar nominations. i thin it'soi to be huge, huge, huge! >> i like that. backacross. >>ice coupl fmtucky visiting. all right, r,hichelevion show did not receive a nominationor bt telesion dra th year? >> i would s s "b"? >> no, no no. sweet, sweet, sweet. the you go. >> it's a great day forathie lee. >> cleing . madmenidn'et nominated. firstime i serie history. think got eked outecause of the wsroom,hi is surising, because a lot of people d notike the newsroom. >> i liked that. >>ou lik lincn, too. >> we have tim for one re. >> from new jersey,his song is nonated for best origil
10:33 am
song. name the filmt' fr. >> les mis? >> les miserables? >> that'sust ru. >> i thi it was alean sweep for kate lee toy. the crect answer there is "hunger games." >> it's calle "safe and d." taylor swift is nomined thi year and she's ugainst adele fo"s fall." >> have you been lifting weights? >> no. >> you look really buff. >> i lookbusty. >> are you going to theglob, by the way? >> no, i not. ey won't have me ere, please, plse. only place thatillave me is you guysys >> comg up, how to thi like a rich person to start making more money rig nowhen we come back. ♪ ♪ ♪
10:34 am
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10:38 am
>> i didhen i foundyou, hoda. >> everyone dreams of being rich, but most think it could never happeno them. >> self-made milliaire steve seold tls you how to get started in that quen his new book called ow rich people think." >> steve, stevsteve. nice to see you. hoda is taking homage with you. >> talking about how it's sort of a mindset. i know people watching oer people at home a working double shifts and struggling. u're saying being rich is in you ink. a mindset and how that may be a tough plor peop to swallow. >> it'sbouteeing money through the eyes of abundance and freedom and unlimid oppounity as opposed to fr and scarcity. that's where most of usre trained and bra washe to think out moy. >> give us anxample of that. w does a rich perso look at money? what do they see? >> lots of it.
10:39 am
>> avaable out there in the univse >> i everywhere. especially with the recession, total chaos in the eno. >> they see opportunity. whehere's chaos, tre's opportunity. i ink more fear, what if i can' get a b, lose my jo if i get fired. how do you getver thefear? >> it's a big leap. u haveoo expand yr nsciousness and thinking by getting bonhow richeople ink. that's why i wrote the book. >> if i'm barely ableo pay my bills and peopl are saying se mone and i'm just bary ming it, how ishatson goi to something fro your ok, what should they be doing? >> focus on earning. saving is great, but if you're making $50,000, you'r gng to live to be300 years old to be rich. focus on earning. that's what the wealthy look for problemso solve. there's 3 million millionaires in united states alone. they are the biggest buyer of
10:40 am
personal services and products in the wod. >>ome iispensable to somebody? >> hel them. ar a poo servic lawn care service, rl estate sine, insurancfirm, anything. >> i am going to bring i on nday as my favorite thing. friend jacky, they are an amazing italian family, started thei own restaurant and foo now and it's fantastic. ey are making a new ling at it. >> it's t story of america. this is what built thi count, ingenuit >>o ust uce. >> wha can other pple -- wt areth things people can do, justractaltakeaway things. you y saving is impractical. look for job that fits into sobody else's world, but what's something else? >> look at your skill ts, your ucations, passions, interests, and say what problem could i
10:41 am
lvith the skskls, passions, andnterests iurrentlye and look to those probl and seef you can start a business or svice companyolving tho it's that simple. it's not complicated. >> if i think i'm failure, i wi be a failure? >> yeah. >> value of posite thinking, it is important. yourindset is important. >> like you fine, steve. >> steve, thank you very, very mu. world renowned dog trainer cesar llan. >> i think that's the doggy you ne to take home. >> real? >> so te. >> right after this. [ y ] eggo! [ le annouer ] eggo waffles are great way to get your family together for breakfast. inact, tmit work too well. [ ding! ] [ shufflin scootg [ clears throat ] [ childr laugh ] [ female annouer golden, crispy oside.
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10:45 am
after sayg good-bye to his big show last yearworld rewn d behaviori cesar an is back. >> cesar millan leader of the pack where h rescues abandoned gs once condered untable and matches them up witit the
10:46 am
perfect owner readyo give them a happy a stable home. >>ike hoda! >> happyew year. >> same to you, bh of you. >> thishow is a littlefeisty. >> it . this show is about a mission. as i stepped out "dog whisrer," that helped me save relationships, this is going to lpe save lives. >> a dog c save a person's life too. >> absotely, absolutely, yes. arnd the world, 600 llion dogs d. my mission is to stop this from happening. mo of them are abanned. that's a horrible thing. this is what w , bhat awareness. t t goal is to find t right energy for you, compatibility is the most important thing. >> we're going to talk out a few things. one thing we've had trouble with >> me wast my fault, it was the do >> holding on to dogs. t's loo atape and watch the issues we've had. >>ake a picture while kathie is holding him. >> oh, oh, oh, that was a nose
10:47 am
dive, we remembered that one. mine just n sideys. i caught it and did not curse. i'm just letting you know. maybe you can show us the proper way to hold a do >> bring out buffy. let hoda holbuffy. >> what do you do? >> little hesitant. wh y d is bring i right away and hol it. >> bring to your heart. art to hear hoda. >> le aag of ce. little hesitant. want to do. there you go. >> oh, you lo gootogether. oh, hoda! >> mindset i veryimrtant. >> you love your mommy da, don't you. >> look where herehind is, is at ok? >> that was her tail, sorry. >> let's have -- >> l's bring ratatoulle
10:48 am
you can e th energyhere, a little tense. >> gd e. he needs a ltle bathy. he lives up to his name,et me tell you. >> so you'r going to give us a fe tips, han of. >> numr o is m the rig energy dog f you. >> you know what i love about buffy, i have to say,he's ver docile. that'sind of th dog i want. just lays there. >> once in awhile the do want to go o and poo, though. you have to do tt and fd and bathe r. >> take the for a long walk before you bring them home should i p theogme? why? >> because the dogs in a shelter. they don't really go outside. tomanyogsor voluntes to walk them prer. you have a dhat's pent-u energy. before you enter ithe house, make se y go inside first. thisiss your territory.
10:49 am
think lik a dog. >> wt about finding o as much as you can about their hiy s you would know they might have special concerns? >> wt about with that is op h on to the past and star feeli sorry forhe dogs. >> can slat >> thinkbout it. new life. >> your dog looks constipated. [ laughter ] >> let's p it thisay, i ho he is. >> cesar, we've got to n. you' got a great show on. thank you. >> tnk you very much. >> all the dog are available for adoption, are they, hoda? >> yes, they are. >> cat car on nat ge wi. we're going to sho you how to go from c cze to crazy gorgeous. first, this is "today" on nbc. hmm, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol
10:50 am
as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym.
10:51 am
♪ the one and only, cheerios ...and now... you! [ giggles ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios
10:52 am
>> time for today's beauty.
10:53 am
boy do we need me. we'reaking you from lt month's craziss to crazy rgeous forhe new year. >> if you fried you hair orre feelinggbld, we have tips to get you back into feeng beautiful. cosmo's buty editor >> hey, girl. good to see you. >> thank you. >> fix ourried hai shall we? >> holiday i the heit of hair damage, so you want to replesh your protein thatou'v lost from fing it. we're going to take a scoop of thisrotein mk. does somody want to mix? e scoop of the proteinmask then we're going to a couple drops o moccan oi then put i on, cover it with a ower cap. >> comb throh? >> sit for you favite tv show, 30inutes oe a wk and
10:54 am
yoll have awesome heair. >> do you use it? >> i do. it's a good one. nails, holiday manicur are actually really tough on your nails when you take them cause the glitter scres off the protective layer. what you wanto do a couple times a day if you can is massage i a cuticle cream or cuticle oil. we're going to massage i in, and the massaging actn- you can do it whe you're wing tv. >> doesn't take off the poli you have on. >> thesaging brings u nutrients, helps the nai go stronger. if you'reeeing brittle nails, you wanto do a strengtning dream everyightor a week, seven ds straight. >> sun burn. >> you're not. aot of people did, tried t get as sunshey could.
10:55 am
>> that's the problem, because in the winter we have a harder time repairing our sn becau we're out of practice. we want to do antioxidan rich fa cream. this by fresh. it's reallygreat. vitamin c. >> afrd we're going to steal it. >> it wileep it moisturized. >> lotus exact? >> yes. even o dam skin >> washing your fe sometimes at the end of theay is one of thos things you d a so-so job. >> when you've h theillow with makeup, the next day you want to do a deep cleansing facial double exfoliation. start by washing yourface, get the surfa stuff off, then go back in with aeel pad and deposit the acid acs. >>oesn your face, you lve it th thi one you're goingout yourger in then rub it all over.
10:56 am
>> got it. >> a seems simple, too. >> we have less than minute. tell us what we ve here. salty foods,akep with puffy eyes, bloating. chug t glasses of water. aron eyeaskeels reall goodn the sk,hen you're going toryrushr bod like you're bruing your hair. >> hoda goes to a pla whe they do th. >> is reallyood for circulation. >> too muccoffee, too ch wine,e'reoingo g a deal cleaning thi year, get that frestart. then dorest 3d white. ready, one, two, three. >> ohhat's od. >> that's mean, jerr by the way. >> thank you, sweetie. >> thanks so much. >> jen elan is going to be here scene big ann fm "m wives." >> and resul about our sn. >> scary. whatever you're in the mood for,
10:57 am
sizzler's endless salad bar has over 50 delicious choices. soups, salads, appetizers, and more starting at $8.99 for lunch. sizzler. where fresh is fun.
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10:59 am
we are just minutes away from learning who will make the major league baseball hall of fame class of 2013. will this include of course former giants slugger and baseball's all-time home run leader barry bonds who is in his first year of eligibility? a whole lot of controversy swirling around bonds because of his link to steroid use. also, a significant amount of doubt that he'll actually make it into cooperstown. inductees need 75% of the vote. we'll let you know the outcome just as soon as that announcement is made coming to you from new jersey. good morning. and thanks for being with us. i'm marla tellez. john kelly is off today. another story we're following. a piece o


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